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Parajumbles video series 1-20 begins by Neeru Madam

Parajumbles video series 1-20 Begun by Neeru Madam

Parajumbles video series 1-20 Begun by Neeru Madam

Para-jumbles is important in all competitive exams. In SSC CGL Tier 2 which is a focus area of current Para-jumbles series by Neeru Madam , parajumbles play a very important role.

Why “Power of five” is important ?

You must have watched India’s top English faculty Neeru madam video lecture on the role of five important dimensions to score high in ssc cgl tier 2 and other exams. These five important topics are Spotting the error/ sentence improvement , narration , active – passive , cloze test  and parajumbles. These topics contribute around 137 marks out of 200 in ssc cgl tier 2. If any student deeply studies these topics and practices under exam conditions he /she may score 130+ out of 137.

To score what should you do?

There are steps which are explained by Neeru madam at various platforms and in videos also. The most important thing is to understand rules / tricks and basics of grammar required to have a grip on topics like parajumbles. Theoretical understanding about para-jumbles is very important before jumping to parajumbles practices. Also it is important to understand the type of questions and depth of questions for a particular exam like ssc cgl tier2. Generally a particular set of questions are asked in ssc cgl. If students have command on those sets he / she can easily get high marks. So here practice on relevant contents is the key.

What does Pinnacle do to make you perfect in Parajumbles: 

Parajumbles video series 1-20 begins by Neeru Madam

Neeru madam has just started the video lectures series on parajumbles. This series will have 20 videos which will cover in detail everything under the sun on parajumbles. Besides this PDF files to study and practise on test portal will be integral part of these video lectures series. Thousands of students have joined Pinnacle JobAssure tier 2 – a complete package for tier 2 program. Those who have not joined till now they can also join so that risk of not getting selected can be reduced to zero. Click here to join JobAssure Tier2

In coming days lots of things are happening in JobAssure Tier2 program. Don’t stay behind.

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