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One Word Substitutions Questions for SSC CGL 2018

One Word Substitutions Questions for SSC CGL 2018

Q1. A dishonest person.





Q2. A person  who compiles  a dictionary.





Q3. A pleasant song sung to send children to sleep.





Q4. A strict disciplinarian.      





Q5. A government in which all religions are honoured

(a) Prudent

(b) Socialistic

(c) Secular

(d) Rapport

One Word Substitutions
Q6. A person who attends to the diseases of the eye is an

(a) oculist

(b) optimist

(c) obstetrician

(d) optician

Q7. To cut something into two pieces.

(a) severe

(b) sever

(c) sewer

(d) sow

Q8. One who is indifferent to pleasure or pain.

(a) stoic

(b) stylist

(c) sardonic

(d) wacky

Q9. Belonging to all parts of the world

(a) Versatile

(b) Universal

(c) Worldly

(d) Secular

Q10. A person who shows off his learning

(a) pedant



(d) researcher

Q11. Written law of a legislative body

(a) statute

(b) stature

(c) static

(d) statue

Q12. To take back, withdraw or renounce

(a) Repent

(b) Retrace

(c) Refuse

(d) Recant

Q13. One who studies election patterns by means of opinion polls


(b) Psephologist

(c) secede


Q14. A person in his seventies

(a) Sexagenarian

(b) Septuagenarian

(c) Centurion

(d) Patriarch

Q15. One who hates women

(a) philanthropist

(b) nomadic

(c) misogamist

(d) misogynist

Q16. An established principle of practical wisdom

(a) Marxism

(b) Maxim

(c) Neologism

(d) Platonism

Q17. Expel from society

(a) terminate

(b) ostracize

(c) suspend


Q18. Absolute right


(b) Prerogative

(c) concession

(d) pulmonary

Q19. Literary theft, or passing off an author’s original work as one’s own.

(a) plagiarism

(b) copyright

(c) patent

(d) trademark

Q20. Bearing eggs and not young ones.

(a) oology

(b) oviparous

(c) mammals

(d) marsupials

Q21. A thick-skinned animal

(a) SEER

(b) pachyderm

(c) taxidermy


Q22. Belonging to the west

(a) oriental

(b) occidental

(c) obloquy

(d) westernized

Q23. One who hides away on a ship to obtain a free passage

(a) Jingoist

(b) Stoker

(c) Stowaway

(d) Shipwright

Q24. An unexpected piece of good fortune

(a) Windfall

(b) Philanthropy

(c) Jovial

(d) Turnstile

One Word Substitutions
Q25. An emolument over and above fixed income or salary

(a) Junket

(b) Sinecure

(c) Perquisite

(d) Prerogative

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