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One word substitution test

One word substitution test

One word substitution test


Directions (1-30) : Out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given words. 

Q1. Place fixed for meeting or assembling.

A Renaissance

B Reflation

C Renegade

D Redundancy

Q2. Person who does not speak too much.

A Talky

B Loquacious

C Verbose

D Reticent

Q3. Prayer for the dead.

A Requieum

B Obituary

C Peace prayer

D relics

Q4. A structure on which criminals used to be hanged.

A Pyre

B Scaffold

C Scabbard

D Retrieve

Q5. Any office with good salary but no work.

A Honorary

B Sinecure

C Officail

D Officious

Q6. Killing of one’s own sister.

A Fratricide

B Sororicide

C Regicide

D Sonorous

Q7. Related to the stars.

A Solar

B Lunar

C Eclipse

D Stellar

Q8. To bring under control.

A Capture

B Subservient

C Subjugate

D None

Q9. Money paid by a government to make prices lower.

A Concession

B Subsidy

C Exgratis

D discounted

Q10. A seat for a rider

A peddler

B sycophant

C saddle

D Saga

Q11. Government by religious people.

A Theocracy

B Theology

C Theomania

D Theophobia

Q12. One who stays away from school without permission.

A Pedant

B Suplicant

C Mendicant

D Truant

Q13. A government in which all  religions are honoured

A Communist

B Socialistic

C Secular

D Capitalist

Q14. A person with a long experience of any occupation

A Veteran

B Genius

C Seasoned

D Ambidexterous

One word substitution test

One word substitution test
One word substitution test

Q15. To cut something into two pieces.

A severe

B sever

C sewer

D sow

Q16. One who can think about the future with imagination and wisdom.

A dreamer

B seer

C idealist

D visionary

Q17. One who is indifferent to pleasure or pain.

A stoic

B stylist

C cynic

D psychic

Q18. Belonging to all parts of the world—

A Versatile

B Universal

C Worldly

D Secular

Q19. A place where Jews worship according to their religion.

A Cathedral

B Synagogue

C Chapel

D Demagogue

Q20. The study of religion and religious ideas and beliefs.

A Theocracy

B Theosophy

C theology

D Theism

Q21. Something that is poisonous or unhealthy

A Trivial

B Toxic

C Torpid

D Tragic

Q22. To take back, withdraw or renounce

A Repent

B Retrace

C Refuse

D Recant

Q23. One who studies election patterns by means of opinion polls

A entomologist

B Psephologist

C Demagogue

D Eugenist

Q24. A person in his seventies

A Sexagenarian

B Septuagenarian

C Centurion

D Patriarch

Q25. One who walks in sleep

A Somniloquist

B Egoist

C Somnambulist

D Altruist

Q26. A person who never takes alcoholic drinks

A teetotaller

B alcoholic

C addict

D bagpiper

Q27. Reproducing or memorizing word for word

A Verbatim

B Verbose

C Verbiage

D Verbalism

Q28. Words of similar meaning

A homonyms

B pseudonyms

C antonyms

D synonyms

Q29. An object or portion serving as a sample

A Specification

B Spectre

C Spectacle

D Specimen

Q30. Occurring at irregular intervals in time

A epidemic

B endemic

C temporal

D sporadic

One word substitution test

1 A 26 A
2 D 27 A
3 A 28 D
4 B 29 D
5 B 30 D
6 B    
7 D    
8 C    
9 B    
10 C    
11 A    
12 D    
13 C    
14 A    
15 A    
16 D    
17 A    
18 B    
19 B    
20 A    
21 B    
22 B    
23 B    
24 C    
25 C


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