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Q1. A doctor who treats children

(A) paediatrician

(B) pedagogue

(C) pedestrian

(D) paedoph

Q2. Indifference to pleasure or pain

(A) Perseverance

(B) Tolerance

(C) Stoicism

(D) Reticence

Q3. A broad road bordered with trees

(A) Boudoir

(B) Boulevard

(C) Avenue

(D) Facade

Q4. Violation of something holy or sacred

(A) Profanity

(B) Sedition

(C) Sacrilege

(D) Slander

Q5. A woman having more than one husband at the same time

(A) Polyandry

(B) Polygamy

(C) Polyphony

(D) Polygyny

Q6. Feeding on food made both of plants and flesh

(A) Carnivorous

(B) Omnipotent

(C) Omnivorous

(D) Optimist

Q7. A short poem or speech addressed to the spectators after the conclusion of a drama

(A) Prologue

(B) Dialogue

(C) Epilogue

(D) Monologue

Q8. Careful in the spending of money, time, etc.

(A) Punctual

(B) Economical

(C) Miserly

(D) Calculative

Q9. Occurring at night

(A) nightly

(B) dark

(C) neurotic

(D) nocturnal

Q10. Determine the nature of the disease

(A) investigate

(B) determine

(C) diagnose

(D) detect

Q11. Speed of an object in one direction

(A) pace

(B) tempo

(C) velodrome

(D) velocity

Q12. Theft of another person’s writings or ideas and passing them off as one’s own

(A) plagiarism

(B) burglary

(C) piracy

(D) pilferage

Q13. The study of insects

(A) Anthropology

(B) Zoology

(C) Etymology

(D) Entomology

Q14. Careful and thorough enquiry

(A) investigation

(B) interview

(C) examination

(D) exploration

Q15. The violent storm made it difficult for them to reach the shore

(A) weather

(B) rains

(C) breeze

(D) tempest

Q16. A person who dishonestly pretends to be somebody else

(A) imperialist

(B) impressionist

(C) implorer

(D) impostor

Q17. A body of persons appointed to hear evidence and give their verdict in trials

(A) association

(B) council

(C) bar

(D) jury

Q18. Intense and unreasoned fear/dislike.

(A) horror

(B) phobia

(C) fright

(D) scare

Q19. Excessively enthusiastic unreasonably about something.

(A) spirited

(B) interested

(C) fanatical

(D) despotic

Q20. A disease which is spread by direct contact

(A) Contagious

(B) Infectious

(C) Epidemic

(D) Endemic

Q21. The study of ancient civilizations

(A) History

(B) Anthropology

(C) Ethnology

(D) Archaeology

Q22. An animal story with a moral

(A) Fable

(B) Tale

(C) Anecdote

(D) Parable

Q23. A thing likely to be easily broken

(A) Vulnerable

(B) Flexible

(C) Brittle

(D) Delicate

Q24. Body of singers

(l) Coir

(B) Quorum

(C) Quire

(D) Choir

Q25. A general pardon of offenders

(A) Parley

(B) Amnesty

(C) Parole

(D) Acquittal

Q26. One who practises one of the fine arts

(A) painter

(B) artist

(C) designer

(D) architect

Q27. Scale used for measuring the strength of an earthquake

(A) Celsius

(B) Newtons

(C) Richter

(D) Linear

Q28. Something kept as a reminder of an event

(A) Trophy

(B) Souvenir

(C) Prize

(D) Antique

Q29. Found all over the world

(A) International

(B) Universal

(C) Regional

(D) Provincial

Q30. A written statement about someone’s character, usually provided by an employer

(A) testimonial

(B) memorandum

(C) certificate

(D) licence

Q31. To injure one’s reputation

(A) defame

(B) ridicule

(C) mock

(D) agitate

Q32. A geometrical figure with eight sides

(A) polygon

(B) hexagon

(C) octagon

(D) pentagon

Q33. A man who wastes his money on luxury

(A) extempore

(B) thrifty

(C) extravagant

(D) none of these

Q34. A man having no hair on the scalp

(A) hoary

(B) gaudy

(C) naked

(D) bald

Q35. A person who believes in the total abolition of war.

(A) Socialist

(B) Communist

(C) Fascist

(D) Pacifist

Q36. Constant efforts to achieve something.

(A) Patience

(B) Vigour

(C) Attempt

(D) perseverance

Q37. A remedy for all diseases

(A) Amnesia

(B) Panacea

(C) Intelligentsia

(D) Parasol

Q38. A hater of mankind

(A) Misanthrope

(B) Misogynist

(C) Philanthropist

(D) Misogamist

Q39. One who deserts his principle or party.

(A) Apostle

(B) Proselyte

(C) Renegade

(D) Critic

Q40. The habit of always admiring oneself

(A) Psychosis

(B) Neurosis

(C) Narcissism

(D) Paranoia

Q41. Violation of something holy/sacred

(A) Pollution

(B) Pilferage

(C) Sacrilege

(D) Pittance

Q42. One who breaks the established traditions arid image.

(A) Fatalist

(B) Fanatic

(C) Iconoclast

(D) Philogynist

Q43. Property handed down after the death of a person.

(A) Legacy

(B) Legend

(C) Patrimony

(D) Inheritance

Q44. Commencement of adjacent words with the same letter

(A) Pun

(B) Alliteration

(C) Transferred epithet

(D) Oxymoron

Q45. A specialist who tests eyesight

(A) Optician

(B) Ophthalmologist

(C) Ichthyologist

(D) Neurologist

Q46. A wall built to prevent the sea or a river from flooding an area

(A) Dam

(B) Mound

(C) Dyke

(D) Embankment

Q47. One who tends to take a hopeful view of life

(A) magnate

(B) creator

(C) pacifist

(D) optimist

Q48. Belonging to all parts of the world

(A) common

(B) universal

(C) worldly

(D) international

Q49. To be known for bad acts

(A) famous

(B) notorious

(C) criminal

(D) terrorist

Q50. A post with little work but high salary

(A) Director

(B) Trustee

(C) Sinecure

(D) Ombudsman

One word substitution test with answers:


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