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One word substitution For competitive Exam beginning with S

One word substitution For competitive Exam

One word substitution For competitive Exam


  1. SARCASM: Bitter and ironical remark.
  2. SABOTAGE : Wanton destruction especial of a factory, etc. by dissatisfied workers.
  3. SACRILEGE : The violation or profaning of sacred things.
  4. SAVAGE: Violent and uncivilized.
  5. SCAPEGOAT: One who is blamed for the mistakes of others.
  6. SCEPTIC: One who is given to questioning the truth of facts and the soundness of inferences.
  7. SCREECH: Cry out in shrill voice.
  8. SCRIMMAGE: Confused struggle or fight.
  9. SCURRY : Move hurriedly with short steps.
  10. SANATORIUM : A place for invalids and convalescents.
  11. SANCTIMONIOUS:  Making a show of piety.
  12. SCAFFOLD : A structure on which criminals used to be hanged.
  13. SCEPTIC : Person who doubts the truth of what he is told.
  14. SCUBA : An instrument used for breathing when swimming under water.
  15. SEDENTARY : Done while sitting down.
  16. SEDITION : Act or speech for inciting the public against the government.
  17. SENILITY: Extreme old age when a man behaves like a fool.
  18. SEER : One who can see into the future.
  19. SENSATIONALISM : The intentional producing of excitement or shock.
  20. SEPTUAGENARIAN : One in his seventies.
  21. SIESTA :  Period of rest or sleep after lunch.
  22. SIMULTANEOUS: Occurring at the same time.
  23. SINECURE : An office for which high salary is paid for little or no work or responsibility.
  24. SILHOUETTE : Black shadow-like picture on white background.
  25. SIMULTANEOUSLY : Taking place or happening at the same time.
  26. SINECURE : Any office with good salary but no work.
  27. SINOPHILE : An admirer of the Chinese people, language, manners or way of life.
  28. SINOPHOBE : One who dislikes the Chinese and China.
  29. SMALL FRY : Unimportant people.
  30. SMOTHER : Kill by suffocation (especially by covering the face with something).
  31. SOJOURN : Stay for a short time.
  32. SOLILOQUY : Speaking aloud while alone.
  33. SOMNAMBULIST :One who walks in sleep.
  34. SOMNILOQUIST: One who talks in sleep.
  35. SONOROUS : Having a deep and pleasant sound.
  36. SOROCIDE : Killing of one’s own sister.
  37. SNIPPET : A small piece from something spoken or written.
  38. SPINSTER : An unmarried woman.
  39. SPENDTHRIFT: One who spends one’s money recklessly.
  40. SPIRITUALIST A person who believes in spiritual things.
  41. SPORADIC Occurring irregularly
  42. STALE : Something which is not fresh.
  43. STAMPEDE : A sudden rush of a large number of frightened people or animals.
  44. STELLAR : Of the stars.
  45. STOCKBROKER : One who buys and sell shares for others.
  46. STOIC : One who is indifferent to pain and pleasure.
  47. STRATAGEM : A trick to deceive an enemy.
  48. STRINGENT : Very strict.
  49. STRANGULATE: Kill by putting pressure on the throat/ to apply pressure.
  50. SUBDUE:To bring under control.
  51. SUBJUGATE:To bring under control.
  52. SUICIDE : Taking of one’s own life.
  53. SUPERCILIOUS:Thinking oneself superior to others.
  54. SUBCUTANEOUS : Beneath the skin.
  55. SUB JUDICE : A subject which can’t be publicly discussed because it is before a court of law.
  56. SUBSIDY : Money paid by a government to make prices lower.
  57. SUBVERSIVE : Attempting to weaken or overthrow authority.
  58. SUPERANNUATED : Too old for work.
  59. SURREAL : Having a strange, dreamlike unreal quality.
  60. SYCOPHANT:Person who tries to win a favour by flattering other.
  61. SYNAGOGUE:Place where Jews worship.
  62. SACHET : A small pouch
  63. SCABBARD: A cover for a dagger sword etc.
  64. SADDLE: A seat for a rider
  65. SAFARI: An overland expedition for hunting etc.
  66. SAGA: A long detailed report.
  67. SCAVENGERS : An animal, such as a vulture , that feeds on dead or decaying matter.
  68. SCULPTOR: one who shapes in stone.
  69. SEISMOLOGY: study of earthquakes.
  70. SERMON: religious discourse
  71. STAMPEDE: People to run around in panic
  72. SPENDTHRIFT: One who spends money recklessly

One word substitution

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