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One word substitution beginning with P

One word substitution beginning with P for SSC CGL


  1. POSTHUMOUS : Occurring after death
  2. PLAGIARISM : Literary theft, or passing off an author’s original work as one’s own.
  3. PANTOMIME: Dramatic performance with no dialogues
  4. PARASITE : A plant or animal growing on another
  5. PANACEA : A cure for all diseases
  6. PACIFIST : Person who believes in the total abolition of war.
  7. PAGEANT : Elaborate public spectacle.
  8. PALATABLE : Food or drink that has a pleasant taste.
  9. PANACEA : A remedy for all kinds of diseases.
  10. PANDEMONIUM : A wild and noisy disorder.
  11. PANEGYRIC: Piece of writing full of praise.
  12. PARASOL : A lady’s umbrella.
  13. PATRICIDE: Killing of one’s own father.
  14. PATRIMONY : Inherited from father or male ancestor.
  15. PHILATELIST : One who collects postage stamps
  16. PHILANTHROPIST : One who devotes his service or wealth for the love of mankind.
  17. PEDANT : One who makes a display of his learning
  18. PEDLAR : One who goes from house to house selling small articles.
  19. PAEDIATRICIAN : Doctors who treat children’s diseases
  20. PALAEOGRAPHY : The study of ancient modes of writing
  21. PHONETICS : The science of speech, sounds and their production
  22. PYROTECHNICS : The art of making fireworks.
  23. PRODIGY: A child with unusual of remarkable talent.
  24. PROGNOSTICATION : Act of forecasting by examining present conditions.
  25. PROLOGUE: A speech or a poem recited at the beginning of a play.
  26. PROPONENT: Person who proposes something.
  27. PROPRIETY: State of being correct in behavior or moral
  28. PROTECTORATE : Country under the protection of a more powerful country.
  29. PROTAGONIST : Chief person in a drama, story etc.
  30. PSEUDONYM : A fictitious name used by an author
  31. PRUDENT : Sensible
  32. PUNCTITIOUS : Very careful to behave correctly.
  33. PYROTECHNIC : Art of making fireworks.
  34. PACHYDERM : A thick-skinned animal, especially an elephant or rhinoceros.
  35. PACIFIST : One who believes in the abolition of war.
  36. PALAEOGRAPHY : The study of ancient writing.
  37. PALAEONTOLOGY : The study of fossils.
  38. PANACEA : A remedy which can cure all diseases.
  39. PARADOX : Contradictory statement.
  40. PARASITE : One that lives on another.
  41. PARIAH : One who is not accepted by society.
  42. PATENT : Sole right to make and sell one’s own invention.
  43. PEDANT : One who exhibits his book learning.
  44. PERQUISITE : Gain over and above one’s salary.
  45. PETROLOGY : The scientific study of rocks.
  46. PECULATION: Use of public money for one’s own benefit.
  47. PEDANTIC: A style in which a writer makes a display of his knowledge and learning.
  48. PEDESTRIAN: One who walks on foot.
  49. PENINSULA: Area of land almost surrounded by sea.
  50. PENTAGON: A plane figure with five sides and angles.
  51. PERCEPTIBLE: That can be perceived by the senses.
  52. PERORATION: Concluding part of a speech.
  53. PERSEVERANCE: Constant efforts to achieve something.
  54. PERSPICAIOUS: Quick in judging and understanding.
  55. PERVERSION : Change to something abnormal or unnatural.
  56. PESSIMIST : A person who looks at the dark side of things.
  57. PHILISTINE : Person of material outlook who is indifferent to culture.
  58. PHILOLOGIST : One who is well versed in the science of languages.
  59. PIGMENT : The natural colouring matter of plants and animals.
  60. PLAINTIFF : One who bring a charge against someone in court.
  61. PLEBEIAN : Of the lower social classes.
  62. PLAGIARISM: Literary theft.
  63. PLATITUDE: Statement that is obviously true and hence dull or not stimulating.
  64. PLUTOCRACY : A government by a rich and powerful class.
  65. POLYANDRY : The practice of having more than one husband at the same time.
  66. POLYGAMY : The practise of having more than one husband or wife at the same time.
  67. POLYGLOT : One who speaks many languages.
  68. POLYGRAPH : A lie-detector.
  69. POSTHUMOUS : A child born after the death of its father.
  70. POSTSCRIPT : A note added at the end of a letter, after the signature.
  71. PRAGMATIST : One who uses common sense.
  72. PREJUDICED: Be biased against.
  73. PREMONITION: Forewarning of an impending danger.
  74. PREROGATIVE: Absolute right.
  75. PROPELLANT : An explosive for firing a bullet or a rocket.
  76. PSEUDONYM : A pen-name assumed by a writer.
  77. PULMONARY : Of or having an effect on the lungs.

One word substitution beginning with P
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