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One word substitution relating to marriage,family and children

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One word substitution relating to marriage, family and children

One word substitution relating to marriage, family and children 

 Pertaining to Marriage/ Family/ Children:-

  1. One who marries a second wife/ husband while the legal spouse is alive Bigamist
  2. One vowed to a single or unmarried life Celibate
  3. One engaged to be married Fiancee
  4. A children whose parents are dead Orphan
  5. A hater of marriage Misogamist
  6. One having more than one wife or husband at a time Polygamist
  7. State of growth between boyhood & youth Adolescence
  8. Marrying one husband/ wife at a time Polygamy
  9. Marrying more than one husband at a time Polyandry
  10. Hater of mankind Misanthrope
  11. Lover of mankind Philanthropist
  12. Hater of women Misogynist
  13. Property inherited from one’s father or ancestors Patrimony
  14. One who thinks of the welfare of women Feminist
  15. Allowance due to a wife from her husband after separation Alimony
  16. A man whose wife is dead Widower
  17. A woman whose husband is dead Widow
  18. A place where children without parents grow up Orphanage
  19. Before marriage Premarital
  20. Fear of getting married Gamophobia