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One word substitution relating to death, marriage,family children and medicine

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One word substitution relating to death, marriage,family children and medicine 

One word substitution relating to death, marriage, family children and medicine.

Pertaining to Death

  1. To destroy completely: Annihilate
  2. Dead and decaying flesh especially of animals: Carrion
  3. A monument set up for persons who are buried elsewhere: Cenotaph
  4. To preserve a dead body from put rejection: Embalm
  5. Words inscribed on a tomb: Epitaph
  6. An examination of a dead body: Autopsy/Postmortem
  7. An account in the newspaper of the funeral of one deceased: Obituary
  8. The property left to someone by a will: Legacy
  9. Something occurring after death: Posthumous
  10. The act of killing a human being: Homicide
  11. Murder of a newborn child: Infanticide
  12. Murder of one’s brother: Fratricide
  13. Murder of one’s Sister:  Sororicide
  14. Murder of one’s mother: Matricide
  15. Murder of one’s Father: Patricide
  16. Murder of one’s parent: Parricide
  17. Murder of a king: Regicide
  18. Murder of oneself: Suicide
  19. Lasting only for a short while: Temporary/transient
  20. One who embraces voluntary death for the sake of one’s country: Martyr

Pertaining to Marriage/ Family/ Children:-

  1. One who marries a second wife/ husband while the legal spouse is alive: Bigamist
  2. One vowed to a single or unmarried life: Celibate
  3. One engaged to be married: Fiancee
  4. A children whose parents are dead: Orphan
  5. A hater of marriage: Misogamist
  6. One having more than one wife or husband at a time: Polygamist
  7. State of growth between boyhood & youth: Adolescence
  8. Marrying one husband/ wife at a time: Polygamy
  9. Marrying more than one husband at a time: Polyandry
  10. Hater of mankind: Misanthrope
  11. Lover of mankind: Philanthropist
  12. Hater of women: Misogynist
  13. Property inherited from one’s father or ancestors: Patrimony
  14. One who thinks of the welfare of women:  Feminist
  15. Allowance due to a wife from her husband after separation: Alimony

Pertaining to Medicine:-

  1. A substance that destroys or weakens the germs: Antiseptic
  2. Any medicine which produces insensibility: Anesthetic
  3. A medicine to counteract poison: Antidote
  4. Deficiency of blood: Anemia
  5. To cut off a part of a person’s body which is infected: Amputate
  6. One who is recovering from illness:  Convalescent
  7. To be able to tell the nature of a disease by its symptom: Diagnose
  8. A disease affecting many persons at the same place & time: Epidemic
  9. A disease confined to a particular district or place: Endemic
  10. To disinfect by smoke: Fumigate
  11. A person who is sick: Invalid
  12. Free or exempt from injection: Immune
  13. A cure for all diseases: Panacea
  14. A disease widely epidemic: Pandemic