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One word substitution Practice Paper

One word substitution Practice Paper

One word substitution Practice

Directions (1-50) : Out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given words.

Q1. To formally give up

A) Quit

B) abdicate

C) adhoc

C) Renounce

Q2. Commencement of adjacent words with the same letter.

A) alliteration

B) agnosticism

C) ambiguous

D) anodyne

Q3. Briefness; shortness of time

A) Short

B) Abridged

C) Brevity

D) Summation

Q4. Cultivation of trees and vegetables

A) Pisciculture

B) Sericulture

C) Horticulture

D) multiculture

Q5. To pronounce clearly.

A) Out spoken

B) Articulate

C) Pronunciation

D) Artistic

Q6. Compulsory enlistment for military or other services.

A) Prescription

B) Proscription

C) Description

D) Conscription

Q7. Showing deep sorrow for wrong doing.

A) Convalescence


C) Criminal

D) Contrite

Q8. Something to be corrected in a printed book.

A) Abridged

B) Corrigendum

C) Referendum

D) Addendum

Q9. Worship of idols.

A) Ideology

B) Idolatry

C) Iconoclast

D) Ignoramus

Q10. Not showing proper respect.

A) Impertinent

B) immaculate

C) Impunity


Q11. To fill with air or gas.

A) inflate


C) Gaseous

D) volatile

Q12. Capable of being read clearly

A) Illegible

B) Legible

C) literate

D) Illiterate

Q13. Express earnest disapproval of

A) Depreciate

B) Deprecate

C) Degrade

D) Detrimental

Q14. To be a perfect example .

A) Epithet

B) Epitome

C) Epistle

D) Equanimity

Q15. The study of the efficiency of people in their working environment.

A) Ergonomics

B) Economics

C) Entomology

D) Epicurean

Q16. To put an end to something by killing.

A) murder

B) suicide

C) Exterminate

D) extradition

One word substitution Practice
Q17. One who runs away from justice or the law

A) law breaker

B) legal

C) fugitive

D) criminal

Q18. Elimination or killing of a whole race.

A) Genocide

B) homicide

C) Fratricide

D) matricide

Q19. Animals that live in flocks.

A) Sociable

B) Gregarious

C) groupies

D) extrovert

Q20. Fond of entertaining guests.

A) hospitality

B) Hospitable

C) hospitalized

D) Gesture

Q21. A leather holder for a pistol.

A) Scabbard

B) holster

C) sheathe

D) case

One word substitution test (With answers)
One word substitution test (With answers)

Q22. One who has exaggerated anxiety about his health.

A) hypochondria

B) pneumonia

C) hysteria

D) diphtheria

Q23. Without a body

A) formless

B) incorporeal

C) bloodless

D) intangible

Q24. Examination of one’s own mental processes

A) circumspection

B) introspection

C) circumlocution

D) circumvention

Q25. People with knowledge of literature

A) literati

B) graffiti

C) glitterati

D) paucity

Q26. Relating to trade and business

A) merchant

B) mercenary

C) mercantile

D) businesslike

Q27. One who hates mankind

A) philanthropist

B) anthropologist

C) misologist

D) misanthropist

Q28. A new word.

A) neologism

B) Niche

C) nausea

D) nephrology

Q29. Funeral rites.

A) obsequies

B) obsolete

C) obituary

D) oblige

Q30. The study of birds

A) mycology

B) ornithology

C) oology

D) ecology

Q31. Belonging to the west

A) oriental

B) occidental

C) accidental

D) westernized

Q32. Expel from society

A) terminate

B) ostracize

C) suspend

D) expel

Q33. A person who looks to the bright side of things.

A) pessimist

B) optimist

C) ophthalmologist

D) optician

Q34. Comprising all kinds.

A) omnigenous

B) omnivariance

C) omniform

D) ontology

Q35. That which is no longer in use.

A) outdated

B) ancient

C) obsolete

D) antiquary

Q36. Person who believes in the total abolition of war.

A) belligerent

B) bellicose

C) pacifist

D) warring

Q37. One who makes a display of his learning

A) knowledgeable

B) pedant

C) peddler

D) well educated

Q38. A speech or a poem recited at the beginning of a play.

A) dialogue

B) monologue

C) epilogue

D) prologue

Q39. The science of speech, sounds and their production

A) phonetics

B) acoustics

C) audible

D) audibility

Q40. A remedy for all kinds of diseases.

A) antidote

B) anecdote

C) pancea

D) parasol

Q41. A wild and noisy disorder.

A) ruckus

B) confusion

C) dilemma

D) pandemonium

Q42. The art of making fireworks

A) fireworks

B) nemesis

C) pyrotechniques

D) libertarian

Q43. The study of ancient modes of writing

A) calligraphy

B) cacography

C) paleography

D) monography

Q44. Four footed-animal.

A) tripped

B) biped

C) multicoated

D) quadruped

Q45. Absolute right

A) immune

B) Prerogative

C) concession

D) pulmonary

One word substitution Practice
Q46. Area of land surrounded by sea on three sides

A) bay

B) island

C) peninsula

D) strait

Q47. Sole right to make and sell one’s own invention.

A) copyright

B) patent

C) manufacturer

D) linguist

Q48. Literary theft, or passing off an author’s original work as one’s own.

A) plagiarism

B) copyright

C) patent

D) trademark

Q49. Bearing eggs and not young ones.

A) oology

B) oviparous

C) mammals

D) marsupials

Q50. A thick-skinned animal

A) epidermis

B) pachyderm

C) taxidermy

D) dermatologist

One word substitution test with answers:


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