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One word substitution for SSC beginning with Q and R

One word substitution for SSC beginning with Q and R


1 QUACK : A doctor of questionable ability
2 QUIVER: Something to keep arrows in.
3 QUESTIONNAIRE: A set of printed questions with a choice of answers.
4 QUIXOTIC : Trying to do the impossible, usually to help others, while putting oneself into danger.
5 QUADRUPED: Four footed-animal.


1 RACONTEUR : One who is good at telling stories in an interesting way.
2 RAPPORT : A good relationship between two people.
3 REBEL: One who takes up arms against the government.
4 RECAPITULATE: Repeat the main points.
5 RECLUSE: One who lives alone and avoids company.
6 RECONCILE: Bring about harmony or agreement.
7 RECONNAISSANCE : Information gathering activity about enemy forces.
8 RECEPTIVE : Capable of receiving new ideas.
9 RED TAPISM : Excessive use of official formalities which causes unnecessary delay.
10 REDUNDANCY: When something is unnecessary because it is more than what is needed.
11 REGICIDE : Killing of a king.
12 REMISSION : Pardon or forgiveness for breaking religious laws.
13 REINFORCE : Strengthen by additional men or material.
14 RENAISSANCE : A renewal of interest in art, literature etc.
15 RENDEZVOUS: Place fixed for meeting or assembling.

One word substitution for SSC
16 RENEGADE : Person who changes his religious belief/support to someone else or some other nation.
17 REPLICA: Copy or reproduction of a work of art.
18 REPOSITORY: Place where things are stored for safety.
19 REPERCUSSION : Effect of some event,action or decision.
20 REQUIEM: Prayer for the dead.
21 REQUISITION : An official demand or request.
22 RESTITUTION: Return of object stolen or lost.
23 RETALIATE: Return the same sort of ill-treatment.
24 RETICENT/TACITURN : Person who does not speak too much.
25 RETROSPECTIVE : An effect which has a reference to the past.
26 RETRIBUTION : A severe deserved punishment.
27 RINGLEADER : One who leads others to do wrong or make trouble.
28 RODENT : A small herbivore usually considered a pest
29 RHYME : A poem or verse having a regular correspondence of sounds, especially at the ends .
30 RELICS: Something that has survived the past.
31 REJUVENATE: To restore to an or new condition

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