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One word substitution for SSC exams: Starting from T

One word substitution for SSC exams: Starting from T


  1. TANTRUM: Fit of bad temper or anger.
  2. TALKATIVE/GARRULOUS : One who is fond of talking
  3. TABLEAU : A lifelike representation of a famous scene by a group of people who do not move or speak.
  4. TAXIDERMY : The art of stuffing animals and setting them in life-like poses.
  5. TECHNOCRAT : A specialist in technology.
  6. TEETOTALLER : One who abstains from all kinds of alcoholic drinks.
  7. TERMINATE : Come or bring to an end.
  8. THEIST : One who believes in the existence of God.
  9. THEOCRACY : Government by priests.
  10. TIMBER : Wood cut down for building etc.
  11. TOPIARY : The art of trimming trees and bushes to decorative shapes.
  12. TRAITOR : One who is disloyal to his country.
  13. TRANSGRESSOR : One who violates a rule or law.
  14. TRANSMIGRATION: The passage of soul after death from one body to the other.
  15. TRANSMOGRIFICATION: Complete change in appearance or character (especially in a magical or surprising way).
  16. TRANSPARENT : That allows the passage of rays of light.
  17. TRUNAT: One who stays away from school/ work without permission.
  18. TRUISM : A truth which is often repeated.
  19. TYRANT : A ruler with complete power who rules cruelly.
  20. TELEPATHY : Communicating through other means apart from the senses.
  21. TOXICOLOGY :The study effect and detection of poison.
  22. TRANSCALENT : That allows the passage of heat
  23. TRANSLUCENT : Something that allows light to pass through but not very clearly.
  24. TRAVELOGUE: A film ,lecture or brochure on travel.

One word substitution for SSC exams
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