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 One word substitution for SSC CGL : beginning with B

One word substitution for SSC CGL : beginning with B

One word substitution for SSC CGL

One word substitution for SSC CGL


  1. BANKRUPT :  A person who cannot pay his debts.
  2. BACHELORHOOD :  The state of being unmarried (of a man).
  3. BAY : A part of the sea/lake enclosed by a wide curve of the shore.
  4. BARBARIAN : An uncivilised person.
  5. BAY: A piece of water enclosed by a wide curve of the shore.
  6. BARRICADE : Hastily erected barrier across a street.
  7. BELLICOSE: A quarrelsome person.
  8. BELLIGERENT : One who is engaged in fighting a battle or war.
  9. BEACH : A stretch of sand/ stones along the edge of the sea/ lake.
  10. BELLICOSE: A person who is fond of fighting.
  11. BENEFACTOR : One who gives financial help to a school, hospital, etc.
  12. BIENNIEL: That which happens once in two years.
  13. BIBLIOPHILE: A Lover and collector of books.
  14. BIGAMY: The custom of having two wives or two husbands.
  15. BIGOT: One who is filled with narrow and prejudiced opinion.
  16. BILINGUAL: One who can speak two languages.
  17. BIOGRAPHY: The life-history of a man written by someone else.
  18. BIPED: Animal with two-feet.
  19. BLASPHEME : Speaking irreverently about God or sacred things.
  20. BLISS : Perfect happiness.
  21. BIBLIOGRAPHY : A list of writings on a subject.
  22. BIBLIOPHILE : One who loves books.
  23. BREVITY : Briefness; shortness of time.
  24. BOHEMIAN : One who does not follow the usual norms of social life.
  25. BOORISH: Person who is rough and ill mannered.
  26. BOTANY : The science of vegetable life.
  27. BREWERY : A place where beer is made.
  28. BUREAUCRACY : A government run by civil servants.

One word substitution for SSC CGL

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