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One word substitution beginning with M

One word substitution beginning with M for SSC CGL exam


  1. MANIFESTO : A declaration of plans and promises put forward by a political party
  2. MAGNUM OPUS : A great work of art, particularly literary.
  3. MALEDICTION: Evil, vicious speech.
  4. MAMMALS : Animals which give birth to babies and feed them with their milk.
  5. MANUAL : A book giving information about how to work something.
  6. MANUSCRIPT : Handwritten script of a book.
  7. MARTINET: A strict disciplinarian.
  8. MASCOT : Something chosen as a symbol to bring good luck.
  9. MASOCHIST: One who enjoys pain or humiliation.
  10. MARITRICIDE: Killing of one’s husband.
  11. MARTYR: One who dies for a noble cause.
  12. MASQUE : A play or a dramatic performance in verse, with music, dance and fine costumes.
  13. MASSACRE : Killing of large numbers of people.
  14. MAUSOLEUM : A magnificent tomb
  15. MATERIALIST : A person for whom money is the most important consideration.
  16. MATINS: Morning prayer. Pinnacle ssc cgl coaching
  17. MATRICIDE: Killing of one’s mother.
  18. MATRIMONY: Marriage
  19. MAXIM: A short statement of a general truth.
  20. MOMENTO : Something kept to remember place or event.
  21. MERCENARY: Complete change in appearance.
  22. MEDIOCRE : One who is neither intelligent nor dull.
  23. MEGALOMANIA : The belief that one is extremely important.
  24. MELODIOUS : Sweet sounding.
  25. MERCANTILE : Of trade and business.
  26. METAMORPHOSIS: Complete change in appearance.
  27. METEOROLOGY : The scientific study of weather conditions.
  28. METEOROLOGIST : One who studies the elements of weather.
  29. METICULOUS : A person who is very careful about details.
  30. MIGRATION: Movement from one country to another.
  31. MISANDRIST: One who hates males.
  32. MISOLOGIST: Hater of learning.
  33. MISONEIST: A person sent to teach the Christian religion to people who are ignorant of it.
  34. MIGRATE : To move from one country to another
  35. MISANTHROPE : One who hates mankind
  36. MILITIA : Those trained as soldiers but not belonging to a regular army.
  37. MISANTHROPE : One who hates mankind.
  38. MISOGAMIST : One who hates marriage.
  39. MISOGYNIST : One who hates women.
  40. MONASTERY : Place where monks live.
  41. MONOGAMY: Subject to death.
  42. MONOMANIAC : One who keeps thinking of one particular thing only.
  43. MONOLOGUE : A long speech by one person
  44. MONASTERY: Place where monks live.
  45. MONOGAMY: Subject to death.
  46. MORTUARY: A place where dead bodies are kept before postmortem.
  47. MUTILATION: Cutting off body parts.
  48. MOBILIZE : To collect together for service in war.
  49. METALLURGY : The science dealing with the production of metals
  50. MEGALOMANIAC : A person with a false impression that he is great and powerful.
  51. MONOTHEISM : The practice of worshipping only one god.
  52. MULTINATIONAL : A company having branches in many countries.
  53. MYCOLOGY : The scientific study of fungi.

One word substitution beginning with M

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