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One word substitution beginning with J , K and L

One word substitution beginning with J , K and L


  1. JOEY : A young kangaroo.
  2. JUDICIOUS : Wise, sound in judgment.
  3. JOURNAL: A newspaper or magazine that deals with a particular subject in a professional way.
  4. JUXTAPOSE: Placing a thing beside another.


  1. KIMONO : A loose gown of silk as worn in Japan.Pinnacle coaching centre
  2. KNIGHTHOOD : The right to put ‘Sir’ in front of one’s name, Giving of a title.
  3. KENNEL: A Dog’s home
  4. KNAVE: A crook ; a dishonest person.


  1. LETHAL : causing death
  2. LACONIC : Expressing in a few words
  3. LAUNDRY: A place where clothes are washed and ironed.
  4. LIMNOLOGY : The study of lakes and other fresh water bodies
  5. LAMINATE : To cover with thin sheets of metal or plastic.
  6. LAGOON : Salt water lake separated from the sea by sand banks.
  7. LEXICOGRAPHER: A person who complies a dictionary.
  8. LINGUSIT : One who speaks many foreign languages.
  9. LOGIC: The science of reasoning.
  10. LEGIBLE : Capable of being read clearly.
  11. LEONINE : Of or like a lion.
  12. LIBERTARIAN : One who believes that one should have freedom of expression.
  13. LITERATI : People with knowledge of literature.Pinnacle coaching centre
  14. LOQUACIOUS : One who talks a lot.
  15. LULLABY : A pleasant song sung to send children to sleep.

One word substitution beginning
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