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One word substitution beginning with G for SSC CGL exam

One word substitution beginning with G for SSC CGL exam


  1. GARAGE : A building in which motorcars are parked.
  2. GARRULOUS : One who talks too much about uninteresting things.
  3. GASTRONOMY : The art and science of cooking and eating good food.
  4. GEOLOGIST : One who studies about rocks and soils
  5. GARRISON : Military force stationed in a fortress
  6. GENOCIDE : Elimination or killing of a whole race.
  7. GERMANOPHILE : An admirer of the German people, language, manners or way of life.
  8. GERMANOPHOBE : One who dislikes the Germans and Germany.
  9. GERMICIDE : A medicine that kills germs.
  10. GLACIER : A mass of ice moving very slowly down a mountain valley.
  11. GRAFFITI : Rough drawing or writing on public walls.
  12. GRAMINIVORE : An animal that eats grain.
  13. GALLERY : A room or building for showing works of art.
  14. GAMBLE : To play games of chance, etc. for money.
  15. GEOLOGY : The science of earth’s history and rocks.
  16. GERMICIDE : A substance that kills germs.
  17. GLUTTON : One who eats too much.
  18. GOBBLE : Eat fast, noisily and greedily.
  19. GRATUITOUS : Done or obtained without payment.
  20. GREGARIOUS: Animals that live in flocks.
  21. GRATIS : Without payment, free of cost.

One word substitution beginning with G

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