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One word substitution beginning with D

One word substitution beginning with D 

One word substitution beginning with D

One word substitution beginning with D
One word substitution beginning with D


  1. DEMAGOGUE : A person who can sway his followers by his oratory
  2. DEBACLE: A complete failure
  3. DENIZEN : A person, an animal or a plant that lives, grows or is often found in a particular place.
  4. DEPRAVED : Morally bad or evil.
  5. DEPRECATE : Express earnest disapproval of.
  6. DERMATOLOGY :  The medical study of the skin and its diseases.
  7. DESPONDENCY: Loss of complete hope.
  8. DESTITUTION: Lacking basic necessities of life.
  9. DETRIMENTAL : Causing harm or damage.
  10. DEXTEROUS : Skilful at handling things.
  11. DENOUNCEMENT : The last part of a play, book etc. where all the complications of the plot are solved.
  12. DETERRENT : Something to discourage people from doing wrong.
  13. DILETTANTE : An admirer of the fine arts.
  14. DISARMAMENT : Reduction of weapons by governments.
  15. DISINFORMATION : False information spread intentionally to spread propaganda.
  16. DIATRIBE: Bitter and violent attack in words or writing.
  17. DICTATORSHIP: Government carried on by an absolute ruler.
  18. DIPLOMACY: The skill and policy of a country’s statesmen and politicians/ skill in dealing with people.
  19. DISCREPANCY: Difference between two things that should be the same.
  20. DISSIMULATE: To hide or disguise.
  21. DIURNAL: Of the daytime.
  22. DOMICILE :  A place where one lives permanently.
  23. DRUDGERY : Hard, uninteresting work.
  24. DRAPER: A shopkeeper selling cloth and clothing.
  25. DRAW: The result of the match where neither party wins.
  26. DUET :  Song sung by two people together.

One word substitution beginning with D

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