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One word substitution beginning with C

One word substitution beginning with C

One word substitution beginning with C

One word substitution beginning with C
One word substitution beginning with C


  1. CACOPHONY: Harsh sound.
  2. CAJOLE: Persuade by flattery.
  3. CALLIGRAPHY: Art of beautiful hand writing.
  4. CANNIBAL: One who eats human flesh.
  5. CARDIOLOGIST : A doctor specialising in matters relating to the heart.
  6. CAPSIZE: Overturn
  7. CARNAGE: Killing a large number of people.
  8. CARTOGRAPHER: A person who draws maps and charts.
  9. CATALOGUE: List of books and other articles.
  10. CELIBACY : The state of being unmarried.
  11. CELIBATE: One who has taken a vow not to have sex.
  12. CEMETERY: The place for corpses to be buried.
  13. CENTENARY: Hundredth anniversary.
  14. CHRONOLOGICAL: According to sequence of time.
  15. CIRCUMLOCUTION : A roundabout way of expression.
  16. CLAUSTROPHOBIA : A morbid fear of confined spaces.
  17. COAGULATE : Change from liquid into solid by chemical reaction.
  18. COERCE: Compel to a course of action.
  19. COGNATE : Having the same source of origin.
  20. COLLUSION: Secret agreement for a fraudulent purpose.
  21. CONFLAGRATION: Huge destructive fire.
  22. CONGREGATION: Gathering of worshippers.
  23. CONGRUENT: Identical in all respect.
  24. CONNOISSEUR :  One who is well-versed in any subject/art.
  25. CONSCRIPTION :  Compulsory  enlistment for military or other services.
  26. CONTAGIOUS: Which spreads by physical touch or contact.
  27. CONTEMPORARY: Of the same time.
  28. CONTIGUOUS: Two countries of States touching a common boundary.
  29. CONTRITE: Showing deep sorrow for wrong doing.
  30. CONVALESCENCE: The period of gradual recovery of health after illness.
  31. CONVENTILE: Secret and illegal religious meeting.
  32. CORONATION: Ceremony of crowing a king.
  33. COSMOPOLITAN: A person who regards the whole world as his country.
  34. COLLEAGUES: Persons working in the same department.
  35. COLLOQUIAL: Suitable for ordinary informal conversation.
  36. COMBUSTIBLE :  That which can catch fire and burn easily.
  37. COMEDIAN: One who plays funny parts in plays or films.
  38. COMMODITY :  An article of trade or commerce.
  39. COMPATRIOT : A person belonging to one’s own country.
  40. COMPLEXION : The natural colour and appearance of skin.
  41. COMPULSORY : That which must be done.
  42. CANNIBAL: The man who can eat human flesh.
  43. CARNAGE: Killing or large numbers of people.
  44. CARNIVAL: Public merry making and feasting.
  45. CARTOGRAPHER: A person who draws maps and charts.
  46. CARTOGRAPHY : Art of map making
  47. CATALOGUE: List of books and other articles.
  48. CONDUCTOR : That which acts as a path for electricity, heat etc.
  49. CONNOISSEUR : A person who is competent to pass critical judgement upon anything.
  50. CONSCRIPT : A person who is compelled by law to serve in the armed forces.
  51. CONSORTIUM : A combination of several businesses for a common purpose.
  52. CONTAGIOUS : That which spreads easily, especially a disease.
  53. CONTROVERSIAL : That which causes debate or argument.
  54. CONVENTION : A formal assembly or conference of people of the same business to discuss practices.
  55. CORRIGENDUM : Something to be corrected in a printed book.
  56. COUNTERFEIT : Copy something exactly in order to deceive.
  57. CRUISE : A sea voyage for pleasure.
  58. CYGNET : A young swan.
  59. CYNIC : One who has little faith in human sincerity or honesty.
  60. CYNOSURE : Centre of attraction

One word substitution beginning with C

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