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Number system: 20 Concepts, tricks Video 

Number system: 20 Concepts, tricks Video 

Significance of this chapter 

  • 3-4 questions in tier 1 and 6-7 questions in tier 2 come from this chapter.
  • Easy to score , less time consuming
  • 30-40% questions “Through option” can be solved or in-fact should solve.
  • 1-2 type questions can be difficult. So recommended to memorize the method and should note down in your diary.

Project 400

  • In method we will select 400 varieties questions. These 400 questions will cover entire method.
  • Mastery in these 400 questions or varieties makes your task easy.
  • After completing this course you can revise these 400 questions daily. Highly recommended.

Number system > Project 400 Questions

In this chapter 20 questions are key questions. All other almost 300 questions based on these 15 questions.

Project 400: Number system P1

(Here P stands for Project for our future references)

P1 1/5 of a number exceeds 1/7 of the same number by 10. The number is:

For more details watch video.

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Number system: 20 Concepts, tricks Video

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