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15th Feb SSC CGL Normalization case Update I SSC official response

15th Feb SSC CGL Normalization case Update I SSC official response

15th Feb SSC CGL Normalization case Update I SSC official response   16th Feb Case update click here 

SSC CGL Normalization : today there was hearing in CAT ( central administrative tribunal ). Staff Selection commission submitted its reply. Although this reply was long awaited and ssc took lot of times. Already few times these hearings are postponed. It is learnt that in its reply commission has maintained its position that papers sets are of equal difficulty level and prepared by experts in keeping various things in mind. It means commission wants to continue to follow its earlier process unless or until court does not direct.

Normalization case

Important Points 

Normalization : A tool to equalize scores of rationalize difficulty levels

Court case : Some students are thinking that they got difficult sets so could not qualify or could not score high in tier 1.

Watch this video for more details

The case is in its final stage and will have long term implications. If the court gives its judgement in favour of normalization , ssc will have to revise the result and in that case besides already passed students there will be one more list and separate exam for those qualifiers.

If the court decides to dismiss the petition then the petitioners can go to the high court. It is also possible that same issue arises in ssc cgl mains or next year ssc cgl 2018 tier1. Therefore a concrete solution has to be found.

Today the court has given hearing date 16th Feb and case is likely to be decided on 16th Feb. 

We will update you about new updates about the case on 16th Feb. We will analyse judgement implications. 

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