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Motion-Time-mcqs Physics-day-2 Target ssc cgl 2018

Motion-Time-mcqs Physics-day-2 Target ssc cgl 2018

Q1. Instrument used for measuring the speed is





Q2. A particle dropped from the top of a tower uniformly falls on ground at a distance which is equal to the height of tower. Which of the following paths will be traversed by the particle?



(c)Great circle


Q3. For measuring small time intervals, we use.

(a)Sand clock


(c)Pendulum clock

(d)Water clock

Q4. The time period of a pendulum when taken to the Moon would:

(a)remain the same


(c)become zero


Q5. On increasng the amplitude of vibrations of simple pendulum, its time period



(c)Remains same

(d)First increases then decreases

Q6. Angular velocity can be obtained by the product of..

(a)Force and time

(b)Mass and velocity

(c)Angular speed and radius

(d)time and velocity

Q7. Which of the following is not a vector quantity?





Q8. The clocks and watches used for measuring time are based on.

(a)rectilinear motion

(b)circular motion

(c)periodic motion

(d)rotational motion

Q9. A sphere rolls down on two inclined planes of different angles but same height, it does so

(a)in the same time

(b)with the same speed

(c)in the same time with the same speed

(d)in the same time with the same kinetic energy

Q10. Which among the following is the smallest unit of mass?






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