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Most Repeated Idioms/Phrases for SSC CGL Tier 1 & 2 English Exam

Most Repeated Idioms/Phrases for SSC CGL Tier 1 & 2 English Exam

Most Repeated Idioms/Phrases for SSC CGL Tier 1 & 2 English Exam

Directions: In question nos. 1 to 12 four alternatives are given for the idiom/phrase underlined in the sentence. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning  of the idiom/phrase.

Q1. To go by

(a) to throw away

(b) to be guided by

(c) to disobey

(d) to avoid

Q2. Reading between the lines

(a) reading slowly and haltingly

(b) understanding the sense not the actual words.

(c) understanding the meaning of words and not the sense

(d) reading superficially

Q3. By fits and starts

(a) consistently

(b) irregularly

(c) in high spirits


Q4. Put up with

(a) excuse

(b) accept

(c) refuse

(d) tolerate

Q5. Talking through one’s hat

(a)talking nonsense

(b) talking ignorantly

(c) talking irresponsibly

(d)talking insultingly

Q6. At the eleventh hour

(a) at eleven o’clock

(b) at the last hour of the day

(c) at the last possible time

(d) arrive late

Q7. Augean stables

(a) to remove an evil

(b) a place for horses

(c) to clean the stables

(d) stables for Augean horses.

Q8. At the helm of

(a) at the helm of the ship

(b) at the main situation

(c) in the centre of the ship

(d) in the centre of a storm

Q9. An apple of discord

(a) the cause of a contention

(b) sour apple

(c) a fight for an apple  

(d) a quarrel

Q10. Call one’s shot

(a) make intentions clear

(b) call with a shot

(c) to show determination

(d) shoot at a cab

Q11. Call it a day

(a) good bye to active life

(b) name the day

(c) call on someone

(d) end the work of the day

Q12. Between the Devil and the Sea

(a) in a fix

(b) a Devil in the sea

(c) in a worse situation

(d) a compromising situation


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