Mission SSC CGL 2017 Tier1-AnswerKey: expected cut off and further Strategy

Mission SSC CGL 2017  Tier1-AnswerKey: expected cut off and further Strategy

Mission SSC CGL 2017 Tier1-AnswerKey: expected cut off and further Strategy

Dear Students,

SSC has declared the Answer Key of CGL 2017 Tier 1 examination. It is rather a surprise that it came earlier than the expected. SSC is trying to expedite the process. First we saw that Tier 2 and Tier 3 has been merged( copy of banking pattern) which make sense, and now they have uploaded answer key in such a sort time.

I believe by now everyone has checked his answer key and aware of how much marks he is getting. If you have still not checked or facing difficulty in checking your answer key then follow below steps: 

  1. Go to ssc.nic.in
  2. In “Answe Key” section click on “Tentative answer key for Combined Graduate Level Examination (Tier-I), 2017
  3. A PDF will open. Scroll down to click on “Link for tentative answer key for Combined Graduate Level Examination (Tier-I), 2017
  4. Enter your Roll No and Password mentioned in your admit card.
  5. There are many questions which have issue in either answer of there was some thing missing in Question. You can send those questions with personal contact number to us. We can help you to validate your claim. For this please write us to [email protected]

This year our students has reported us that there were variance in the difficulty level of examination,examination before certain dates were rather tough and then gradually it became easy. Like this, there are certain cooked up stories are doing the rounds in the market. We strongly suggest you to keep your focus on your study, don’t get frustrate or waste time in these sort of things. It is ultimately what you have scored, that matters not anything else. There are quiet a few things to consider before declaring the cut off.

  1. Duration of examination was reduced to 60 minutes as was the case earlier, which will definitely reduced the cut off.
  2. The difficulty level of examination this year is more compared to that of last year which should again decrease cut off.
  3. Number of actual vacancy will also have some bearing on the cut off

However when we talked to our students after answer key was updated, we have found that average score is not going down sharply. So yes, there will be decline in cut off but it will be less than anticipated. Last year cut off was around 137. So this year we expect cut off to be in the range of 115-125(120+/-5). However, we want to clear one thing that this is just a cut off, in order to get selection you need to have sufficient distance from cut off. Good thing is that , you have Tier 2 coming up which will be of 400 marks and game can change there big time.

Coming to Strategy part, Let’s understand your standing in terms of preparation. I put it in different bracket depending upon your performance in Answer Key 

Further Strategy:

Type 1: Those who are scoring 150+ in Answer Key

Type-2: Candidates scoring 135-150 in Answer Key

Type-3: Candidates scoring 115-135 in Answer Key

Type-4: Candidates scoring less than 115 in Answer Key.

Type-1 candidates: You are among the potential toppers. Keep up the good work. Focus hard on Tier 2. You have come out of 200 Marks examination and now 500 marks is waiting for you. This is going to be make or break. Any one can cover the bridge of 20-30 marks in this stage. Don’t be complacent. You need to work on Mathematics, English and Descriptive paper simultaneously. Next three months ofsmart work can give you life time glory. Stay focused. Our best wishes are with you.

Type-2 candidates: You are the one who are sure of qualifying Tier 1 but fell at least 15-20 marks short of what could have been decent score. But CGL 2016 examples show that this is an opportunity for you to not only cover the gap which got created in Tier 1 but you can move beyond that. You still could be among ranker because 500 marks is still up for grabs in next round. Here you don’t have to mug up vast syllabus of General knowledge. It is Maths and English mainly. So a lot of practice can take you there. Next three months will decide whether you become an officer or you have to try again next year. Go students Go and take your dream job.

Type-3 candidates: There is chance that all of you qualify for Tier 2 or only some of you. But we sincerely request you to not waste your time and prepare for Tier 2 with same vigor and dedication as other students are preparing. There will be question in your mind that What if I don’t qualify this time? all this will go waste. No never, if for some reason you are not able to make it to Tier 2 , trust me you will start a lot ahead of others for CGL 2018. Mark my word, next time around you will remember this article. so there is no time to stop. As Shakespeare said- Miles to go before I sleep, miles to go before I sleep. Don’t take rest before you become an Officer. 

Type-4 candidates: I don’t have much to say to you guys. Start preparing for CGL 2018.


Finally with a few word of precaution. As you already know your score, lets not fell in trap of cutt off comparison game started by some stupid folks. Every second is important. Every marks means you are up or down by hundreds of rank. So again saying- Stay focused.

We Pinnacle Coaching team wish all of you all the very best. Give your best. We are always there to help out Students in whatever capacity we can. Keep following our daily post on Pinnacle website. Do comment on post if you have anything to discuss.

Happy Learning!!!

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To get all benefits students should join Pinnacle SSC CGL Online Coaching Course 2017 and 2018 or SSC CGL Hard Drive Course.

All The best !!

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