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Mission SSC CGL 2017 Day73-English Comprehensive revision series

Mission SSC CGL 2017 Day73-English Comprehensive revision series

Mission SSC CGL 2017 Day73-English Comprehensive revision series


Dear Students, Welcome to Pinnacle online SSC Coaching Portal. This is the time when you all have already submitted application for SSC CGL 2017 and with this the reverse countdown for tier1 starts. I believe you must be preparing with best of your ability. We generally spend a few hours daily online on Social media. Usually this time is not very productive with respect to preparation. We use it as a time off from preparation. Now, think if the time spent online becomes more productive than the normal preparation itself. Sounds crazy, isn’t it?  We at Pinnacle want your time spent online to get as meaningful as it can be. Here comes Day73-English of MISSION SSC CGL 2017 day wise Comprehensive revision series.



Directions (1-4):  In the following questions, you have two passage with 5 questions in each passage. Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.


India is chiefly an agricultural land. The cultivation of crops depends on a proper supply of water throughout the year. Since olden times, large parts of our country have suffered from occasional periods of too much rain and those of roughs. People have known that if surplus flood water could be stored away for use during the dry season, these problems will be solved. Unfortunately, they had neither the knowledge nor the means to do much in this direction. Whatever little they knew, they tried to put into practice. They dug canals to drain water from perennial rivers. This was heavy and expensive work and practicable over only a small area. Large tanks were excavated and small dams built to hold back floods. But it was not possible to do anything on a countrywide scale.

Q1. The term ‘perennial’ means

(a) rivers flowing into canals

(b) flowing once a year

(c) flowing throughout the year

(d) flowing during the monsoon

Q2. How has our country suffered since olden times?

(a) It has suffered due to the zamindari

(b) It has suffered from heavy rains or severe droughts

(c) It has suffered under the British Rule

(d) It has suffered due to the caste system

Q3. Why were the people unable to solve the problem?

(a) Absence of will power

(b) They were indifferent to the problem?

(c) They lacked knowledge and the means to solve the problem

(d) inadequate finance

Q4. India’s economy is chiefly

(a) Socialistic

(b) industrial

(c) mixed

(d) agricultural

Directions (5-7) : In the following question, some parts of the sentences have errors and some are  correct. Find out which part of a sentence has an error. The number of that part is the answer. If a sentence is free from error, your answer is (d) i.e. No error.


(a) They can promise you/

(b)an experience/

(c) you won’t never forget/

(d) No error.


(a) The dress that the /

(b) girl wore was /

(c) more attractive than the other girls./

(d) No error.


(a) Fifty years has passed /

(b) since man first ventured /

(c) into outer space/

(d) No error.

Directions (8-10): In the following question, a sentence/part of the sentence is italicized. Below are given alternatives to the bold part at (a), (b), (c) which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed, your answer is (d).

Q8. Shakespeare is greater than any other poet.

(a) greater than many poets

(b) greater as any other poet

(c) greater than all poets

(d) no improvement

Q9. I saw the woman whom you said lived next door.

(a) that you said live next door

(b) who you said lived next door

(c) which you said lived next door

(d) No improvement

Q10. A thousand rupees are all that he wants.

(a) are

(b) was

(c) is

(d) No improvement



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