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Mission SSC CGL 2017 Day70-English Comprehensive revision series

Mission SSC CGL 2017 Day70-English Comprehensive revision series

Mission SSC CGL 2017 Day70-English Comprehensive revision series


Dear Students, Welcome to Pinnacle online SSC Coaching Portal. This is the time when you all have already submitted application for SSC CGL 2017 and with this the reverse countdown for tier1 starts. I believe you must be preparing with best of your ability. We generally spend a few hours daily online on Social media. Usually this time is not very productive with respect to preparation. We use it as a time off from preparation. Now, think if the time spent online becomes more productive than the normal preparation itself. Sounds crazy, isn’t it?  We at Pinnacle want your time spent online to get as meaningful as it can be. Here comes Day70-English of MISSION SSC CGL 2017 day wise Comprehensive revision series.



Directions (1-5) : A sentence/a part of the sentence is underlined. Four alternatives are given to the underlined part which will improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative .

Q1. Each self is unique, and therefore cannot be compared.

[a]  incomparable

(b)  Non comparable

(c)  Incomparably

(d) No improvement

Q2. Shall I sit between you at the concert?

[a]  beside

(b)  besides

(c)  next

(d) No Improvement.

Q3. No one other reason than poverty is hampering India’s progress.

[a]  No other

(b)  None other

(c)  No another

(d) No improvement.

Q4. The custom has took root in the society.

[a]  taken root

(b)  take root

(c)  takes root

(d) No improvement

Q5. We will take care of your children when you are away at Mumbai.

[a]  be looking for

(b)  look after

(c)  take care after

(d) No improvement

Directions (6-10): A passage is given with 5 questions following it. Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives and click the button corresponding to it.

My brother, David, was always close to our grandmother. Both of them shared a love for Mother Nature and of food that they had grown themselves. Whenever his schedule permitted, he would drop in for a short visit and a cup of coffee. One day, when he found no one home, he left a chunk of dirt on her porch.

This started what was later to be known as his “calling card”. Grandmother would come home occasionally and instantly know that Dave had been by when she spotted the chunk of dirt on her porch.

Although Grandmother had a poor upbringing in Italy, she managed to do well in the United States. She was always healthy and independent and enjoyed a fulfilling life. Recently she had a stroke and died. Everyone was saddened by her death. David was disconsolate. His lifelong friend was now gone.


Q6.  What is the opposite of the word ‘disconsolate’

[a] Devastated

(b) Hilarious

(c) Exuberant

(d) Sombre

Q7. David would drop in for a short visit and leave a _____ as a sign on grandma’s porch if she was not at home.

[a]  schedule

(b)  chunk of dirt

(c)  calling card

(d) cup of coffee

Q8.  Grandmother used to be _____ .

[a]  rich in Italy but poor in the United States

(b)  in the United States but is now in Italy

(c)  poor earlier but became rich later on

(d) rich earlier but now poor

Q9. Grandmother enjoyed a _____ life.

[a]  healthy but sickly

(b)  good and healthy

(c)  rich but sickly

(d) poor and healthy

Q10. Grandmother’s death made everyone

[a] sad including David

(b) disconsolate excluding David

(c) happy and disconsolate

(d) sad excluding David



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