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Material For Synonyms and Antonyms In English SSC

Material For Synonyms and Antonyms In English SSC

Material For Synonyms and Antonyms In English SSC


Salvage  रक्षा करना

Synonyms – reclaim, recover, redeem, rescue, glean, regain

•Antonyms -endanger, hurt, lose


Sane  समझदार

Synonyms – rational, judicious, prudent, sapient, reasonable

•Antonyms -crazy, unsound, unstable


Sarcastic  व्यंग्यात्मक

Synonyms – derisive, jeering, mocking, satiric, scoffing, sneering

•Antonyms -humble, believing, praising

Scary  डरावना

Synonyms – appalling, dire, dreadful, redoubtable, dreadful, formidable

•Antonyms -calming, soothing, encouraging


Scintillating  चमकता हुआ

Synonyms – animated, glittering, dazzling, ebullient, twinkling, flashing

•Antonyms -dull, drab, boring


Scrutinize जाँचना

Synonyms – examine, check, inspect, peruse, traverse, observe

•Antonyms -ignore, neglect, forget


Seclude  अलग करना

Synonyms – insulate, isolate, segregate, cloister, confine, embargo

•Antonyms -join, mingle, socialize


Sedentary  निष्क्रिय , जिस में बहुत बैठने की आवश्यकता हो

Synonyms – settled, inactive, sluggish, idle, sitting, torpid

•Antonyms -energetic, mobile, active


Shackle  जंजीर डालना

Synonyms – chain, fetter, hamper, hobble, leash, manacle

•Antonyms -loosen, unbind, untie


Shun  किनारा करना

Synonyms – avoid, burke, bypass, circumvent, dodge, eschew

•Antonyms -face, meet, confront


Solace  तसल्ली देना

Synonyms – comfort, consolation, alleviation, condolence, pity, relief

•Antonyms -discord, disharmony, indifference


Soothe  खुशामद या चापलूसी करना

Synonyms – appease, assuage, conciliate, dulcify, placate, propitiate

•Antonyms -agitate, distress, upset


Sovereign  स्वतन्त्र

Synonyms – autonomous, free, independent, imperial

•Antonyms -inferior, submissive, subservient


Sparing  किफ़ायती

Synonyms – canny, chary, economical, frugal, thrifty, prudent

•Antonyms -squandering, wasteful, reckless


Spat  बिना मतलब का झगड़ा

Synonyms – altercation, bicker, contention, dispute, squabble, spank

•Antonyms -concord, harmony, unity


Sporadic  छुट-पुट

Synonyms – fitful, intermittent, occasional, periodic, infrequent, rare

•Antonyms -constant, continuous, regular


Spurious  नक़ली

Synonyms – bogus, counterfeit, fraudulent, phony, sham, fallacious

•Antonyms -authentic, genuine, real


Squander  व्यर्थ व्यय करना

Synonyms – devour, dissipate, waste, fritter away, consume, trifle away

•Antonyms -hoard, save, set aside


Stall  रोकना

Synonyms – arrest, hinder, cease, check, discontinue, halt

•Antonyms -advance, further, allow


Stark फीका

Synonyms – austere, bleak, dour, grim, harsh, severe

•Antonyms -bright, cheerful, sunny


Stifle  दबाना

Synonyms – repress, strangle, smother, dampen, deaden, censor

•Antonyms -encourage, persuade, facilitate


Stipulate  निर्धारित

Synonyms – specify, detail, particularize, designate, postulate, impose

•Antonyms -generalize, withhold, imply


strenuous अति उत्साही

Synonyms – knockabout, dynamic, lively, sprightly, vigorous, forceful

•Antonyms -enervated, lethargic, inactive


Stringency  कठोरता

Synonyms – austerity, hardness, harshness, rigour, severity, rigidity

•Antonyms -blandness, gentility, mildness


Strive  परिश्रम करना

Synonyms – labour, moil, strain, toil, sweat, endeavour

•Antonyms -skip, retreat, surrender .


Stubborn  जिद्दी

Synonyms – adamant, implacable, relentless, obdurate, unyielding

•Antonyms -complacent, complying, yielding


Sturdy  बलवान

Synonyms – robust, stalwart, stable, substantial, vigorous, burly

•Antonyms -weak, wobbly, unstable


Suave  शिष्ट

Synonyms – bland, smooth, urban, civilized, cultured, courteous

•Antonyms -awkward, clumsy, unsophisticated


Subside  कम होना

Synonyms – abate, ebb, lapse/ moderate, slacken, wane

•Antonyms -grow, develop, flourish


Substantial  आवश्यक पदार्थ

Synonyms –  concrete, corporeal, phenomenal, tangible, plentiful

•Antonyms -insignificant, unimportant, minor


Subtle  चालाक

Synonyms – delicate, fine, nice, refined, exquisite, implied

•Antonyms -harsh, coarse, unsophisticated


Succumb  अधीन होना

Synonyms – bow, buckle, capitulate, yield, surrender, expire

•Antonyms -conquer, overcome, withhold


Suppress दबा देना

Synonyms – crush, extinguish, quell, put down, muffle, throttle

•Antonyms -encourage, stimulate, release


Surpass  अधिक होना

Synonyms – exceed, overreach, overstep, transcend, outmatch, better

•Antonyms -fall behind, lose, fail


Sustain  बनाए रखना

Synonyms – maintain, preserve, support, bolster, abide, tolerate

•Antonyms -halt, stop, discontinue


Scatter  बिखेरना

Synonyms – dispel, disperse, dissipate, diffuse, disseminate, radiate

•Antonyms -hoard, gather, accumulate


Sever  काटकर अलग करना

Synonyms – carve, cleave, slice, cut, separate, split

•Antonyms -combine, join, unite


Severe  गम्भीर

Synonyms – demanding, stern, bleak, brutal, dour, momentous

•Antonyms -amenable, comprising, willing


Shabby  फटा पुराना , दरिद्र

Synonyms – decrepit, dilapidated, scruffy, tattered, abominate, loathsome

•Antonyms -kempt, tidy, preserved


Shatter  तोड़ना

Synonyms – fracture, rift, smash, ruin, splinter, wreck

•Antonyms -fix, mend, repair


Shield  बचाना

Synonyms – defend, guard, preserve, protect, secure, ward

•Antonyms -endanger, uncover, open


Shortcoming  कमी

Synonyms – deficiency, defect, inadequacy, paucity, scarcity, flaw

•Antonyms -advantage, sufficiency, plenty


Shrewd  चालाक

Synonyms – astute, canny, perspicacious, cagey, slick, smart

•Antonyms -stupid, inept, silly


Significant  महत्वपूर्ण

Synonyms – eloquent, meaningful, suggestive, considerable, consequential, monumental

•Antonyms -meaningless, trivial, unimposing


Slack  ढीला पड़ जाना

Synonyms – sluggish, lax, loose, derelict, neglectful, remiss

•Antonyms -stiff, taut, rigid


Slender  दुबला-पतला

Synonyms – bony, fleshless, lanky, lean, skinny, negligible

•Antonyms -cubby, overweight, plump


Solitary  अकेला

Synonyms – detached, isolated, lonesome, secluded, reticent, singular

•Antonyms -accompanied, together, sociable


Sophisticated  बौद्धिक रूप से प्रभावशाली

Synonyms -. cosmopolitan, worldly, intellectual, adulterated, thoughtful, cerebral

•Antonyms -rustic, rural, simple


Spectacular  असाधारण

Synonyms – dramatic, sensational, theatrical, breathtaking, astounding, dazzling

•Antonyms -ordinary, usual, plain


Speculative  काल्पनिक

Synonyms – contemplative, deliberative, meditative, pensive, abstract

•Antonyms -practical, realistic, concrete


Spendthrift  खर्चीला

Synonyms – prodigal, profligate, extravagant, lavish, profuse, wasteful

•Antonyms -miser, economical, thrifty


Spontaneous  स्वाभाविक

Synonyms – impulsive, instinctive, volitional, natural, unrestrained, unpremeditated

•Antonyms -deliberate, intended, planned


Stagnant  निष्क्रिय

Synonyms – dormant, lifeless, listless, inactive, static, still

•Antonyms -moving, active, lively


Stalwart  निष्ठावान

Synonyms – indomitable, sturdy, dauntless, courageous, stout, dependable

•Antonyms -coward, meek, weak


Static  स्थिर

Synonyms – immobile, gridlocked, stalled, stationary, inert, latent

•Antonyms -active, changeable, variable


Staunch  स्वामिभक्त , सच्चा

Synonyms – steadfast, firm, allegiant, loyal, true, constant

•Antonyms -irresolute, unreliable, undependable


Steadfast  अविचल

Synonyms – determined, unbending, unflinching, unwavering, resolute, steady

•Antonyms -disloyal, unreliable, shaky


Steep  ओत प्रोत कर देना

Synonyms – abrupt, bold, precipitous, stiff, lofty, elevated

•Antonyms -moderate, gentle, beneath


Stern  निर्दय

Synonyms – demanding, exacting, harsh, rigid, severe, unyielding

•Antonyms – lenient, tolerant, light


Stingy  कंजूस

Synonyms – close-fisted, niggard, parsimonious, penurious, exiguous, skimpy

•Antonyms -generous, unselfish, wasteful


Straightforward  ईमानदार

Synonyms – candid, downright, ingenuous, forthright, plainspoken, frank

•Antonyms -deceitful, devious, dishonest


Stun  अचेत कर देना

Synonyms – daze, bemuse, stupefy, numb, petrify, stupefy

•Antonyms -expect, calm, bore


Subordinate  अधीनस्थ करना

Synonyms –  inferior, lower, petty, collateral, dependent, subservient

•Antonyms -chief, vital, major,


Summit  चोटी

Synonyms – apex, crest, vertex:, acme, pinnacle, zenith

•Antonyms -base, bottom, nadir


Superficial  ऊपरी

Synonyms –  cursory, shallow, sketchy, apparent, ostensible, seeming

•Antonyms -analytical, thorough, genuine


Superfluous  अनावश्यक

Synonyms – excess, extra, spare, supererogatory, supernumerary, surplus

•Antonyms -valuable, necessary, intrinsic


Supplement  परिपूरक

Synonyms – accessory, adjunct, appendage, appurtenance, attachment,

•Antonyms -basic, fundamental, integral


Sympathetic  सहानुभूतिपूर्ण

Synonyms – empathetic, compassionate, condolatory, understanding, pitying, commiserative

•Antonyms -callous, merciless, uncaring


Swift  जल्दी करने वाला

Synonyms – breakneck, expeditious, fleet, hurried, rapid, speedy

•Antonyms -delayed, slow, sluggish


Sagacious  समझदार

Synonyms – wise, balanced, judicious, rational, sane, sapient

•Antonyms -stupid, ignorant, careless


Satiate  संतृप्त करना

Synonyms – cloy, engorge, glut, pall, sate, surfeit

•Antonyms -deprive, dissatisfy, perturb


Scoff  उपहास करना

Synonyms – deride, gibe, jeer, mock, ridicule, taunt

•Antonyms -respect, regard, praise


Scrupulous  ईमानदार

Synonyms – careful, fastidious, meticulous, painstaking, punctilious, detailed

•Antonyms -negligent, careless, shallow


Seduce  आकर्षित करना

Synonyms – allure, entice, inveigle, lure, tempt, debauch

•Antonyms -disenchant, repel, dissuade


Serene  शान्त

Synonyms – placid, tranquil, calm, halcyon, quiet, still

•Antonyms -agitated, disturbed, troubled


Sinister  अशुभ

Synonyms – baleful, malign, malicious, deleterious, apocalyptic, foreboding

•Antonyms -benevolent, inauspicious, aiding


Slipshod  असावधानीपूर्ण

Synonyms – messy, sloppy, slovenly, disheveled, unkempt, untidy

•Antonyms -polished, refined, meticulous


Slothful  आलसी

Synonyms – indolent, lazy, shiftless, sluggard, idle, lethargic

•Antonyms -active, lively, enthusiastic


Slur  बदनामी

Synonyms – asperse, backbite, calumniate, defame, malign, slander

•Antonyms -compliment, flatter, praise


Sly  धोखेबाज़ , चालाक

Synonyms – crafty, cunning, foxy, guileful, scheming, wily

•Antonyms -.honest, straightforward, dull


Sneer  उपहास करना

Synonyms – affront, belittle, disdain, disparage, ridicule, jeer

•Antonyms -appease, compliment, respect


Snob  घमण्डी

Synonyms – , elitist, braggart, highbrow, pretender, parvenu, name-dropper

•Antonyms -social, polite, introvert


Snub  अनादर करना

Synonyms – rebuff, shun, spurn, humiliate, offend,’ burr

•Antonyms -welcome, include, laud


Solicitous  चिंताशील

Synonyms – anxious, agog, ardent, bursting, considerate, courteous

•Antonyms -unworried, laid-back, lukewarm


Somber  उदासीन

cheerless, desolate, dreary, sedate, solemn, staid

•Antonyms -cheerful, lively, joyful


soporific  ऊंघता हुआ     

Synonyms – opiate, slumberous, somnolent, drowsy, nodding, dozy

•Antonyms -awake, invigorating, stimulating


Spurn  अस्वीकार करना

Synonyms – decline, dismiss, refuse, reject, rebuff, shun

•Antonyms -embrace, welcome, want


Squeamish  नकचढ़ा

Synonyms – dainty, exacting, fastidious, finicky, meticulous, persnickety

•Antonyms -willing, desirous, ready


Staid  शान्त

Synonyms – earnest, grave, sedate, demure, composed, dignified

•Antonyms -adventurous, frivolous, sporting


Stealthy  गुप्त

Synonyms – feline, furtive, slinky, sneaking, clandestine, covert

•Antonyms -forthright, candid, upright


Stilted  अस्वाभाविक

Synonyms – wooden, pedantic, conceited, spurious, phony, edgy

•Antonyms -genuine, unimpaired, resilient


Stodgy  उबाऊ

Synonyms – aseptic, lackluster, lifeless, prosaic, sterile, stumpy

•Antonyms -adventurous, fascinating, classy


Stoic  भावहीन

Synonyms – apathetic/detached, dispassionate, impassive, indomitable, phlegmatic

•Antonyms -passionate, concerned, responsive


Strident  सुनने में कड़ा

Synonyms – boisterous, clambrous, jarring, raspy, raucous, vociferous

•Antonyms -restrained, circumspect, soothing


Subdued  नियंत्रित

Synonyms – hushed, unobtrusive, wh’ispery, quiet, restrained, tasteful

•Antonyms -boisterous, communicative, roused


Subjugate अधीन करना

Synonyms – conquer, defeat, overcome, surmount, vanquish, enthrall

•Antonyms -liberate, relinquish, capitate


Submissive  दब्बू

Synonyms – acquiescent, amenable, compliant, docile, tractable, passive

•Antonyms -intractable, resistant; unyielding


Sulky  उदास

Synonyms – dour, gloomy, morose, saturnine, sour, sullen

•Antonyms:   content, joyous, gratified


Sullen  बदमिजाज़

Synonyms – glum, morose, sour; churlish, fretful, perverse

•Antonyms:   grinning, genial, uplifting


Sumptuous  आलीशान

Synonyms – lavish, luxuriant, opulent, palatial, gorgeous, grand

•Antonyms:   mean, inferior, crude


Surge  आगे बढ़ना

Synonyms – flow, gush, pour, run, rush, stream

•Antonyms:   abate, dwindle, stagnate

Surly  रूखा

Synonyms – morose, grouchy, crabby, peevish, petulant, querulous

•Antonyms:   gentle, please, Animated


Swindle  धोखा देना

Synonyms – cozen, defraud, gull; mulct, rook, victimize

•Antonyms -donate, give, be forthright


Sycophant  चापलूस

Synonyms – adulator, courtier, flatterer, fawner, minion, puppet

•Antonyms -leader, superior, proud, tacit


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