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Learning Vocabulary :: Daily English Practice | Part 17 – SSC CGL Tier 1

Learning Vocabulary :: Daily English Practice | Part 17 – SSC CGL Tier 1

Learning Vocabulary :: Daily English Practice | Part 17 – SSC CGL Tier 1

Learning Vocabulary
1. Nomenclature (शब्दावली)          


  • Vocabulary

Part of Speech– Noun


  • Try to split into three parts ‘Name in culture’ , then Nomenclature is a system of the names in a particular culture


  • Classification, codification, glossary, phraseology, terminology, codification, locution,taxonomy

2. Servile(ग़ुलामी)


  • Grovelling, Subservient

Part of Speech- Adjective


  • abject, cringing, bootlicking, craven, cringing, despicable, eating humble pie, fawning, obsequious, submissive, slavish, obeisant


  • aggressive, dominant

3. Rend (नोचना)                                                 


  • tear

Part of Speech- verb

Trick –

  • In most south Indian languages rend means two i.e split up


  • Rive, break, divide ,rip, sever, slit, split, sunder

Antonyms –

  • attach, combine, close, join , mend, sew, unite

4. Resplendent (बड़ा चमकीला)


bright, radiant

Part of Speech- adjective

Trick –

  • resPiendent Pendent if Gold is shining and glowing


  • blazing, brilliant, dazzling, gleaming, glittering, glorious,luminous,magnificent, splendid


  • bad, dark, dull, poor, ugly, cloudy, gloomy, withering

5. Shard (टुकड़ा)


  • a part

Part of Speech – Noun

Trick :-

  • s + hard it is very hard to join the broken fragments of pottery


  • Fragment, particle,remnant, bit, dregs, leaving,lees, portion


  • whole, base, core


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