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Learn Synonyms Antonyms (Part- 5) : SSC CGL Tier-1 | PINNACLE

Learn Synonyms Antonyms (Part- 5) : SSC CGL : Tier – 1 | PINNACLE

Learn Synonyms Antonyms (Part- 5) : SSC CGL (Tier – 1) | PINNACLE

Ebb  कम होना

Synonyms – abatement, letup, wane, dwindling, drop, slackening

Antonyms –  incline, increase, rise


Efficacy  क्षमता , प्रभाव

Synonyms – effect, potency, competence, influence, strength, power

Antonyms –  inefficiency, unproductiveness, uselessness


Elegant  सुन्दर

Synonyms – graceful, exquisite, delicate, fine, stylist, pleasing

Antonyms – crude, unrefined, rough


Elongate  लंबा करना

Synonyms – extend, lengthen, prolong, stretch, spin, increase

Antonyms – construct, contract, shorten


Eminent  विशिष्ट

Synonyms – celebrated, established, illustrious, notable, famed, prominent

Antonyms – unremarkable,lowly, unknown

learn synonyms antonyms
 Emit  छोड़ना 

Synonyms – release, .vent, let out, let off, project, radiate

Antonyms – contain, repress, withhold


Enhance  बढ़ाना

Synonyms – aggravate, heighten, intensify, boost, plug, embellish

Antonyms – lower, minimize, reduce


Enormous  विशाल

Synonyms-giant, herculean, immense, mammoth, massive,

Antonyms- insignificant, minute, tiny


Erase  मिटाना

Synonyms – delete, efface, expunge, obliterate, abolish, extinguish

Antonyms – add, insert, create


Erratic  अनियमित

Synonyms – inconsistent, spotty, capricious, temperamental, volatile

Antonyms – regular, steady, consistent


Essential  महत्वपूर्ण

Synonyms – basic, fundamental, vital, integral, elementary, requisite

Antonyms – auxiliary, subsidiary,


Eternal  निरन्तर

Synonyms – everlasting, infinite, incessant, perpetual, immortal

Antonyms – ephemeral, transient


Evident  प्रत्यक्ष

Synonyms – apparent, obvious, pronounced, visible, manifest, noticeable

Antonyms – obscure, vague, uncertain


Exaggerate  बढ़ा चढ़ाकर कहना

Synonyms – magnify, overstate, hyperbolize, boast, emphasize

Antonyms – play down, understate, depreciate


Excel से बढ़कर होना

Synonyms – outshine, surpass, outdo, exceed, transcend, better.

Antonyms – fail, lose, fall behind


Excessive  अत्यधिक

Synonyms – exorbitant, extreme, immoderate, extravagant, profligate

Antonyms – moderate, reasonable, insufficient


Exclude  निकाल देना

Synonyms – debar, eliminate, bar, except, rule out, omit

Antonyms – accept, include, allow


Excuse  क्षमा करना

Synonyms – condone, remit, absolve, spare, relieve, discharge

Antonyms – blame, condemn, incriminate


Execute  पालन करना

Synonyms – do, perform, exercise, implement, effectuate, administer

Antonyms – fore go, mismanage, neglect


Exemplary  अनुकरणीय

Synonyms – admirable, commendable, meritorious, worthy, praiseworthy

Antonyms – contemptible, repugnant, loathsome


Exhaustive  परिपूर्ण , थकाने वाला

Synonyms – intensive, thorough, complete, extensive, profound, radical

Antonyms – incomplete, deficient


Expel  निकाल देना

Synonyms – banish, deport, exile, ostracize, dismiss, eject

Antonyms – allow, keep, welcome


Expensive  बहुमूल्य

Synonyms – costly, dear, high, exorbitant, over-priced, lavish

Antonyms – cheap, inexpensive, moderate


Exile  देश से निकालना

Synonyms – banishment, deportation, expatriation, extradition, ostracism, transportation

Antonyms – import, arrival, entrance


Extend  बढ़ाना

Synonyms – expand, outstretch, prolong, unfold, protract

Antonyms – contract, curtail, shorten


Extensive  बहुत बड़ा

Synonyms – large-scale, considerable, far-reaching, expansive

Antonyms – narrow, restricted, limited


Extinct  विलुप्त

Synonyms – dead, defunct, lifeless, departed, vanished, lost

Antonyms – alive, extant, existing


Extinguish  बुझाना

Synonyms – douse, quench, annihilate, abolish, quash, obliterate

Antonyms – light, enact, establish


Extravagant  खर्चीला

Synonyms – lavish, prodigal, exorbitant, spendthrift, opulent, profuse

Antonyms – stingy, thrifty, economical


Extrovert  बहिर्मुखी व्यक्ति

Synonyms – gregarious, outgoing, communicative, unreserved ,loud

Antonyms – introvert, reserved, quiet


Egotism  अहंकार 

Synonyms – pride, vanity, arrogance, boastfulness, immodesty

Antonyms – humility, meekness, servility


Elaborate  विस्तार में कहना

Synonyms – amplify, develop, enlarge,expand, expatiate, explain

Antonyms – simplify, abridge, decipher


Elated  उत्तेजित

Synonyms – elevated, overjoyed, happy, cheerful, excited, stirred

Antonyms – depressed, dejected, dismayed


Elevate  ऊपर उठाना

Synonyms – heightened, exalted, eloquent, noble, august

Antonyms – condemned, denounced, humiliated


Elicit  सार निकालना

Synonyms – draw, educe, evoke, summon, extract, bring out

Antonyms – insert, repress, suppress


Elite  विशिष्ट वर्ग

Synonyms – nobility, aristocracy, gentry, pick, quality, upper crust

Antonyms – common, ordinary, mediocre


Eloquent  वाक्पटु

Synonyms – articulate, exalted, significant, meaningful, expressive, lofty

Antonyms – dull, insignificant, meaningless


Elucidate  स्पष्ट करना

Synonyms – clarify, expound, illuminate, illustrate, explain, elucidate

Antonyms – confuse, distract, obscure


Elusive  मायावी

Synonyms – evasive, slippery, cagey, deceptive, baffling, intangible

Antonyms – comprehensible, forthright, upright


Emancipate  बंधनमुक्त करना

Synonyms – discharge, free, liberate, release, loosen, spring

Antonyms – hold, imprison, incarcerate


Embittered  कड़वाहट से भरा

Synonyms – acrimonious, bitter, rancorous, resentful, virulent, hard

Antonyms – content, genial, pleasant


Endeavour  प्रयास करना

Synonyms – attempt, effort, exertion, pain, strain, struggle

Antonyms – idleness, laziness, ease


Endorse  अनुमति देना

Synonyms – approve, authorize, consent, advocate, champion, recommend

Antonyms – censure, reject, protest


Enduring  चिरस्थायी

Synonyms – abiding, continuing, durable, lasting, persistent, permanent

Antonyms – ephemeral, fleeting, transient


Enervate  शक्तिहीन करना

Synonyms – attenuate, weaken, undermine, unnerve, enfeeble

Antonyms – energize, empower, invigorate


Enigmatic  रहस्यमय

Synonyms – mysterious, occult, puzzling, cabalistic, cryptic, arcane

Antonyms – simple, plain, obvious


Enmity  शत्रुता

Synonyms – animosity, antipathy, hostility, hatred, ill will, malice

Antonyms – friendship, affinity, love


Enthrall  मोहित करना

Synonyms – bewitch, charm, enchant, spellbind, mesmerize, rivet

Antonyms – repel, bore, bother


Entice  प्रलोभन देना

Synonyms – allure, appeal, lure, seduce, tempt, pull

Antonyms – dissuade, repulse, disgust


Eradicate  जड़ से उखाड़ना

Synonyms – abolish, exterminate, extirpate, liquidate, uproot, purge

Antonyms – establish, institute, fix


Erode  काट देना

Synonyms – bite, corrode, wear, gnaw, consume, scour

Antonyms – build, construct, fix


Escalate  बढ़ाना

Synonyms – aggrandize, amplify, burgeon, mount, proliferate, upsurge

Antonyms – diminish, lower, weaken


Esteem  सम्मान करना

Synonyms – admiration, respect, appreciation, consideration, regard, favour

Antonyms – abuse, ridicule, mock


Eulogy  प्रशंसा भाषण

Synonyms – acclamation, commendation, compliment, kudos, laudation

Antonyms – calumny, condemnation, criticism


Evade  टालमटोल करना

Synonyms – avoid, dodge, fudge, circumvent, elude, eschew

Antonyms – face, meet, confront


Exertion  प्रयास

Synonyms – application, endeavour, effort, pain, struggle, exercise

Antonyms – idleness, laziness, relaxation


Exhilarating  आनन्दित करना

Synonyms – bracing, refreshing, invigorating, stimulating, renewing, restorative

Antonyms – agitating, depressing, boring


Expedite  जल्दी करना

Synonyms – accelerate, hasten, hurry, quicken, hasten, facilitate

Antonyms – cease, hinder, halt


Explicit  स्पष्ट

Synonyms – categorical, definite, precise, specific, unambiguous, clear

Antonyms – ambiguous, obscure, vague


Earnest  दृढ़ संकल्प   , गंभीर

Synonyms – grave, sedate, serious, somber, solemn, momentous

Antonyms – flippant, frivolous, funny

Eccentric  सनकी

Synonyms – bizarre, freaky, erratic, quaint, weird, idiosyncratic

Antonyms – plain, regular, unusual


Ecstatic  उल्लासित

Synonyms – delirious, entranced, frenzied, crazy, elated, euphoric

Antonyms – tormented, sorrowful, despaired


Eerie  अलौकिक

Synonyms – uncanny, weird, mysterious, scary, unearthly, spectral

Antonyms – funny, normal, silly


Efface  मिटा देना

Synonyms – annul, obliterate, cancel, erase, expunge, delete

Antonyms – retain, validate, keep


Effuse  उँडेलना

Synonyms – decant, draw, pour, emanate, radiate, gush

Antonyms – fill, close, stop


Elude  टालमटोल करना

Synonyms – avoid, bypass, duck, shun, escape, eschew

Antonyms – encounter, entice, invite


Emaciated  दुर्बल

Synonyms – feeble, debilitated, drained, gaunt, cadaverous, shrunken

Antonyms – heavy, overweight, plump


empathy   सहानुभूति

Synonyms – sympathy, pity, compassion, condolence, concord, rapport

Antonyms – apathy, discord, disdain


Emulate  अनुकरण करना

Synonyms – copy, follow, imitate, contend, contest, rival

Antonyms – abandon, desert, leave


Enchant  मंत्रमुग्ध होना

Synonyms – bewitch, charm, enthrall, spellbind, captivate, fascinate

Antonyms – disgust, repel, repulse


Ennui  कुछ की वजह से ऊब की भावना

Synonyms – boredom, monotony, listlessness, jadedness, fatigue, lassitude

Antonyms – excitement, liveliness, vigor


Euphemism  कोमल भाषा  , मृदु भाषा

Synonyms – pomposity, floridness, grandiloquence, pretense, hedge, circumlocution

Antonyms – conciseness, terseness, directness


Evict  बेदखल करना

Synonyms – dismiss, expel, oust, chuck, eject, bump

Antonyms – admit, include, welcome


Evince  प्रकट करना

Synonyms – demonstrate, display, exhibit, manifest, proclaim, reveal

Antonyms – conceal, hide, cover


Exacerbate  बिगाड़ना

Synonyms – annoy, embitter, enrage, inflame, aggravate, provoke

Antonyms – calm, comfort, soothe


Exculpate  दोषमुक्त करना

Synonyms – absolve, clear, exonerate, vindicate, acquit, purge

Antonyms – blame, condemn, sentence


Exalt  प्रशंसा करना

Synonyms – glorify, uplift, eulogize, extol, laud, exhilarate

Antonyms – castigate, debase, denounce


Exasperate  चिढ़ाना

Synonyms – annoy, bother, bug, irk, peeve, provoke

Antonyms – placate, please, soothe


Exhort  प्रोत्साहित करना

Synonyms – press, urge, encourage, goad, prick, prod

Antonyms – approve, commend, compliment


Exigency  आवश्यकता

Synonyms – distress, necessity, juncture, need, trouble, want

Antonyms – easy, calmness, ordinariness


Exonerate  से मुक्त करना

Synonyms – absolve, vindicate, clear, exculpate, purge, free

Antonyms – accuse, incriminate, condemn


Exorbitant  हद से ज़्यादा

Synonyms – excessive, immoderate, inordinate, undue, overabundant, extravagant

Antonyms – moderate, inexpensive, reasonable


Expunge  मिटा देना

Synonyms – cancel, delete, efface, undo, wipe, obliterate

Antonyms – build, construct, create

learn synonyms antonyms
Exquisite  उत्कृष्ट

Synonyms – dainty, delicate, elegant, fine, graceful, ethereal

Antonyms – flawed, crude, inferior


Exterminate  उखाड़ना

Synonyms – abolish, annihilate, eradicate, erase, obliterate, extirpate

Antonyms – establish, institute, enact


Extol  गुणगान करना

Synonyms – exalt, eulogize, panegyrize, honor, laud, glorify

Antonyms – blame, criticize, calumniate


Extraneous  विदेशी

Synonyms – alien, extrinsic, foreign, impertinent, inapplicable, peripheral

Antonyms – native, integral, appropriate


Extricate  मुक्त कर देना

Synonyms – untangle, extract, liberate, detach, release, liberate

Antonyms – entangle, involve, insert


Extrinsic  बाहरी

Synonyms – alien, foreign, outward, superficial, outer, exotic

Antonyms – intrinsic, Integral, interior


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