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Statistical Investigator SSC CGL TIER 2 Paper 3 : Part – 8

JSO SSC CGL Paper 3 : Part – 8


Q106. In a distribution, the first four moments from the origin are 1, 4, 10 and 46 respectively. Then the nature of the distribution is

(a) symmetrical and mesokurtic

(b) negatively skewed and platykurtic

(c) negatively skewed and leptokurtic

(d) positively skewed and mesokurtic

Q107. In a distribution, the coefficient of skewness is 0.5. if the sum of lower and upper quartiles is 120 and median is 40, then upper and lower quartiles are respectively.

(a) 50, 70

(b) 60, 80

(c) 60, 60

(d) 100, 20

Q108. The Bowley’s coefficient of skewness lies between

(a) -1 and +1

(b) -3 and +3

(c) positive only

(d) negative only

Q109. If the mean, mode and standard deviation of a frequency distribution are 41, 45 and 8 respectively, then its Pearson’s coefficient of skewness is


(b) -1/2


(d) -1/4

Q110. Find the coefficient of variation, if it is given that the mean is 120, mode is 123 and Karl Pearson’s coefficient of skewness is – 0.3.

(a) 7.56%

(b) 8.33%

(c) 12.10%

(d) 6.54%

Q111. In a perfectly symmetric dist. 50% of the observations are above 60 and 75% are below 75. The coefficient of skewness is therefore

(a) 7.5

(b) 15

(c) 0

(d) Cannot be determined from the given data

Q112. Karl Pearson’s coefficient of skewness of a dist. Is 0.32, its sd. Is 6.5 and mean is 29.6. What is the mode of the dist.?

(a) 26.24

(b) 27.52

(c) 24.37

(d) 29.56

Q113. For leptokurtic curves β2 and v2 satisfies (β2 is measure of kurtosis and u2 is coefficient of kurtosis)

(a) β2 > 3, v2 < 0

(b) β2 = 3, v2 = 0

(c) β2 < 3, v2 < 0

(d) β2 > 3, v2 > 0

Q114. A symmetrical distribution is symmetric about the point h, then the mean is

(a) Less than h

(b) More than h

(c) Equal to h

(d) None of these

Q115. For any frequency distribution the measure of kurtosis 


(a) greater than one

(b) less than one

(c) equal to one

(d) greater than 3

Q116. If the odd ordered central moment of a distribution is 0, then distribution is

(a) Symmetric

(b) Mesokurtic

(c) Platykurtic

(d) Leptokurtic

Q117. By kurtosis of a frequency distribution, we mean

(a) the pattern of the spread of the total frequency over values of variables.

(b) the scatterness of the values of variable among themselves.

(c) the Peakedness of the corresponding frequency curve.

(d) the number of peaks of the corresponding frequency curve.

Q118. A central moment based measure of kurtosis is appropriate for

(a) bimodal distributions

(b) J – shaped distributions

(c) U – shaped distributions

(d) bell – shaped distributions

Q119. If a test was generally very easy, except for a few students who had very low scores, then the distribution of scores would be

(a) Positively skewed

(b) Negatively skewed

(c) Not skewed at all

(d) Normal

Q120. The standard deviation of a distribution is 2. The distribution is leptokurtic fourth central moment is

(a) more than 12

(b) less than 12

(c) more than 48

(d) less than 48



Sr. No. Answers
106. A
107. D
108. B
109. B
110. B
111. C
112. B
113. D
114. C
115. A
116. A
117. C
118. D
119 A
120. C

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