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Why should you join SSC CGL Online Coaching Course 2018 & 2019 ?

Why should you join SSC CGL Online Coaching Course 2018 & 2019 ?

Why should you join SSC CGL Online Coaching Course 2018 & 2019 ?

In a survey conducted by Pinnacle , 59% students felt that lack of proper schedule and guidance is the most likely reason not able to concentrate on exam preparation for SSC CGL / SSC CHSL.

Survey was conducted on “If a student not able to concentrate on exam preparation SSC CGL/CHSL , most likely reason is ….”

.1. less hope to get job        18%
.2. social media addiction      17%

.3. Family , relative , friends     6%

.4. Lack of proper schedule and guidance       59%

From the above outcome it seems that there are so many sources / Platforms which impart unplanned and poor quality contents , students never develop confidence & trust. Mostly these sources / Platforms are those who are unemployed or preparing for SSC CGL exam either selected or even not selected start giving coaching to earn something directly or indirectly. Since hardly there is long term plan to settle as a coaching professional , part time and un-experienced sirs just make busy to audience.
Without investment in R & D – Content Development, Test Series, human resource they start making big claim. Ultimately students get confused and distracted. When students realize the loss and wastage of time , then recovery becomes difficult. Mind starts thinking in so many directions without output. This leads to less hope to get a job because so much time they have wasted till now without understanding the real output. Now family , relatives , friends start building pressure by asking so many uncomfortable questions and start to give free advice.

What is the way forward?

Students should not waste time and choose experienced professional for coaching , guidance and contents. Just to save some money wasting crucial time will spoil chances to get job.
Follow just one source that has experience , quality human resource , investment ability for research and development , contents development and marketing. Well established source/institute that has fear of credibility loss will give you the best possible solution of your preparation.
All The best !!!
SSC CGL Online Coaching Course 2018


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