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SSC uploaded video on instructions for SSC CGL 2016 exam : Must watch

SSC uploaded video on instructions for SSC CGL 2016 exam : Must watch

SSC uploaded video on instructions for SSC CGL 2016 exam : Must watch


SSC uploaded video on instructions for SSC CGL 2016 exam : Must watch

SSC has uploaded video on its website. This video lecture has been shared with you by Pinnacle on its youttube channel already. Let us again remind you about those instructions

Following are the instructions :

  1. You are advised to familiarize yourself with the “Practice Sets” specially prepared for the Computer Based Examination. It is available on the website of the  Commission and the Regional Offices.
  2. You can download your Admit Card from the websites of the respective Regional Offices as per the schedule already notified on the website of the Commission.
  3. The admit card contains the following important information :

(a) Roll No. [User ID]

(b) Ticket Number

(c) Password for online test

(d) Examination Venue.


  1. Exam Dates and Timing:
    Date Session From To Reporting Time Entry closing   time
    27-Aug-2016 to 29-Aug-2016 1 10:00 AM 11:15 AM 08:30 AM 09:30 AM
    27-Aug-2016 to 29-Aug-2016 2 No Exams
    27-Aug-2016 to 29-Aug-2016 3 04:15 PM 05:30PM 02:45 PM 03:45 PM
    30-Aug-2016 to 11-Sept-2016 1 10:00 AM 11:15 AM 08:30 AM 09:30 AM
    30-Aug-2016 to 11-Sept-2016 2 01:00 PM 02:30 PM 11:45 AM 12:45 PM
    30-Aug-2016 to 11-Sept-2016 3 04:15 PM 05:30PM 02:45 PM 03:45 PM
  2. You must reach the Exam Venue at the reporting time mentioned at the Admit Card. Please note that you will not be allowed to appear in the exam in case you reach the exam venue after the entry closing time mentioned on your Admit Card.SSC uploaded video on instructions for SSC CGL 2016 exam : Must watch
  3. You have to make your own arrangements to reach the exam venue.
  4. For any queries you may contact the concerned Regional Offices at:
    SSC Regions          Contact Numbers 
    North 011-6999845/011-6999846
    West 9869730700/9869730700
    South 044-28251139/9445195946
    East 9477461228/9477461229
    Central 0532-2460511/9452424060
    North east 9085015252/9085073593
    Kerala/Karnataka 080-25502520/9483862020
    North West 0172-2744366
    MP and Chattisgarh (MPR) 0771-2423678/0771-2422507


Instructions for the Exam Day

Instructions before the start of the exam:

  • You must in addition to your Admit Card, bring ; Two copies of your latest passport size colored photo.
  • ID Proof (In original with a photocopy). It can include either of the following :

(i) Aadhar Card

(ii)Driving License

(iii)University/College ID

(iv)Voter ID Card

(v)PAN Card

  • Please don’t carry any prohibited items, such as watches, books, pen, paper chits, electronic gadgets(mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, calculator, storage devices, scanner, pen/buttonhole cameras etc).
  • Pen/Pencil and paper for rough work will be provided in the examination room. Electronic watch(timer) will be available on the computer screen allotted to the candidates.
  • Family, friends, guardians or any associates accompanying the candidates will not be allowed entry inside the venue.


The exam process includes the steps as shown:

  1. Entry of Candidates
  2. Admit card and ID card check.
  3. Frisking/Security Check.
  4. Bio metric Registration and photo capture.
  5. Movements of candidates to exam labs.
  6. Second level versification at exam labs.
  7. Instruction to candidates and Practice Test.
  8. Conduct of Exam.
  9. Signing of Commission Copy and Attendance.
  10. Exit of Candidates.


Frisking : Frisking is a mandatory stage in the examination process. On entry into the exam venue, please move to the FRISKING area where you would be frisked to ascertain that you are not carrying any of the prohibited articles.

A separate frisking area will be provided for female  candidates. All female candidates will be frisked by the female personnel only.

Registration: After being frisked you are required to proceed to the any of the Registration Desks for your Bio-Metric Registration.

At the Registration Desk :

  • Share your requisite documents (such as Admit Card, ID proof ) with the operator.
  • get your Bio-Metric data captured as instructed by the operator. Candidates shall not be allowed to leave the examination venue once their Bio-Metric registration is completed.
  • The candidates should ensure that they provide clear Left Thumb Impression(LTI), Certification Statement at their running handwriting and signature on Commission’s copy of Admission Certificate.

On successful verification of your documents and completion of your bio metric registration the operator will mention the lab number and computer number on your Admit Card.

The operator will also affix the “Verified” stamp on your Admit Card. Without the “Verified” stamp affixed, you will not be allowed entry into the exam labs.

Notice Board:

 You can refer to the Notice Board displayed near the Registration Desk to check the exact location of the lab allocated to you.

In case of any doubts, you may seek the assistance of the personnel deployed at the Registration Desk.

  • Proceed to the allocated lab and show your Admit Card to the invigilator who will direct you towards your assigned computer seat.
  • Don’t change your assigned computer seat. Any such attempt will be considered as a malpractice and may lead to your candidature being cancelled.
  • A Recap of Important Instructions on Entering the Exam Lab.
  • You are required to type your Roll Number and Password indicated in your Admit Card on your computer screen displayed in front of you.
  • Please read the instruction Sheet, then click on ” I HAVE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AND UNDERTAKE TO ABIDE BY THE SAME”
  • You will be required to go through a SAMPLE TEST before you access the Main Exam.
  • You are requested to avoid touching the wires and cables as it could lead to the computer shutting down.
  • In case you face any technical issue please contact the invigilator immediately to address the issue.


Candidates are assured that in case of any disruption of examination for any reason such as any major/minor technical snag or slow speed of server/Breakdown of server etc, they will not, under any circumstances, lose the examination time to which they entitled.

  • No candidate is allowed to leave the examination before the completion of the examination for any reason without permission from the exam functionaries. Once the candidate leaves the lab without permission of the exam functionaries, he/she shall not be allowed to re-enter the examination lab and debarred from the examination.
  • Please make sure that you sign in the space provided next to your name when the Attendance Sheet is circulated.
  • All Exam Labs are under video surveillance and all activities of the candidates will be monitored. You are hence advised to avoid talking to the other candidates or indulging in any unfair means so that to lead your candidature being cancelled and debarment from future exams.




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    I have my exam SSC-CGL on 10th September 2016.I did not understand this point which was quoted in instructions “The candidates should ensure that they provide clear Left Thumb Impression(LTI),Certification Statement in their running handwriting and signature on Commission’s copy of Admission Certificate”.Please help me out this.

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