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essay Infrastructure development backbone Indian ssc chsl tier 2

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essay Infrastructure development backbone Indian ssc chsl tier 2

essay Infrastructure development backbone Indian ssc chsl tier 2


The economy of any country immensely depends on the infrastructure of that country. Infrastructure includes facilities like good roads, energy, transportation, communication, banking, internet connectivity, finance, and insurance. It also includes other social overheads like education, health, and hygiene. It is impossible to imagine any economic development in India without these facilities. Infrastructure development is an ever-evolving process that cannot be imported from anywhere else but needs to be developed to support the economy of India.


Indian economy is dominated by agricultural, manufacturing, and services sectors. For agriculture, we need good irrigation facilities and stable power availability to make sure that we receive a good harvest.  After the harvest, good roads are required to distribute it to the rest of the country, and godowns are needed for its storage.


Similarly, in the manufacturing sector proper space, buildings and machines are required for the process to even start. New technologies are needed for the efficient production of goods. In the services sector, we need transportation and residential facilities so that human resources can live and travel easily to companies.


The educational infrastructure which includes schools and colleges produces skilled human resources that contribute towards the growth of the economy by creating new...To continue read this topic click here

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