Improve Your Words | English Vocabulary :- Part 16 | Pinnacle Coaching

Improve Your Words | English Vocabulary :- Part 16 | Pinnacle Coaching

Improve Your Words | English Vocabulary :- Part 16 | Pinnacle Coaching

Improve Your Words
1. Fermentation(किण्वन)                


  • effervescence

Part of Speech- Noun


  • The science of fermentation is known as zymology.


  • agitation , dissolving, ebullition, evaporation, turbulence, bubbling

2. Precursor  (अग्र-दूत)       


  • Something that becomes outcome or beforehand

Part of Speech- Noun


  • pre indicates before + cursor (event beforehand)


  • forerunner, herald, harbinger, outrider, vanguard,usher, outrider

3. Scion (वंशज)                                                       


  • Descendant, offshoot

Part of Speech- Noun

Trick –

  • Scion can be remembered as son


  • heir, branch, brood, child, graft, heiress, progeny, sprout

Antonyms –

  • parent, cause, root, source

4. Putative (कल्पित)


  • commonly believed

Part of Speech- Adjective

Trick –

  • divide it like a Put – a ti (tea) we are presupposed to put tea on table not on the floor


  • presumed, presumptive, reputed, supposed ,accepted ,alleged , conjectural, hypothetical, suppositional suppositious


  • proven, real, true

5. Remonstrate(विरोध करना)


  • argue against

Part of Speech- verb

Trick :-

  • To oppose monster


  • animadvert, challenge,  complain, criticize, deprecate, disapprove, recriminate


  • accept, agree, approve, commend, compliment, sanction, surrender

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