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Important Synonyms Antonyms of English For SSC CGL / CHSL 

Important Synonyms Antonyms of English For SSC CGL / CHSL


Wayward  अडियल

Synonyms – aberrant, balky, capricious, erratic, fickle, forward

  • Antonyms -controllable, manageable, disciplined


Weaken  कमज़ोर करना

Synonyms – .decline, degenerate, fade, languish, sink, wane

  • Antonyms -strengthen, boost, build


Weld  जोड़ देना

Synonyms – bond, combine, fix, join, solder, unite

  • Antonyms -disconnect, separate, detach


Whimsical  बहमी

Synonyms – arbitrary, capricious, freakish, mercurial, temperamental, ticklish

  • Antonyms -behaving, sensible, reasonable

Important Synonyms Antonyms
Wicked  चरित्रहीन

Synonyms – evil, iniquitous, reprobate, malignant, spiteful, venomous

  • Antonyms -decent, moral, nice


Widen  चौड़ा करना

Synonyms – broaden, expand, extend, augment, enlarge, stretch

  • Antonyms -cramp, narrow, restrict


Widespread  दूर तक फैला हुआ

Synonyms – all-inclusive, expansive, extensive, sweeping, far-reaching

  • Antonyms -concentrated, local, harrow


Withdraw  निकालना

Synonyms – remove, retract, draw in, shove off, abjure, disengage

  • Antonyms -remain, fill, deposit


Withhold  रोक कर रखना

Synonyms – abstain, forbear, hold; retain, reserve, refrain

  • Antonyms -release, let go, free


Witty  हाजिर जवाब

Synonyms – comedic, facetious, humorous, jocular, scintillating, sparkling

  • Antonyms -serious, grim, pensive


Wordy  शब्दाडंबरपूर्ण

Synonyms – .verbal, diffuse, discursive, rarribling, loquacious, prolix

  • Antonyms -concise, restrained, subdued


Wag  मसखरा

Synonyms – clown, comedian, farceur, humourist, jester, zany

  • Antonyms -tragedian, dramatist, serious


Waive  छोड़ना

Synonyms – abandon, abdicate, cede, demit, relinquish, renounce

  • Antonyms -retain, treasure, usurp


Wander  घुमावदार मार्ग से हो कर आगे बढ़ना

Synonyms – drift, meander, ramble, rove, saunter, stroll

  • Antonyms -stay, halt, remain


Wane  कम होना

Synonyms – abate, remit, slacken, subside, decline, languish

  • Antonyms -grow, increase, raise


Wary  चौकन्ना

Synonyms – vigilant, wakeful, cautious, chary, circumspect, prudent

  • Antonyms -careless, indiscreet, reckless


Wax  बढ़ना

Synonyms – aggrandize, amplify, augment, burgeon, proliferate, soar

  • Antonyms -shrink, constrict, decline


Weary  थकानेवाला

Synonyms – drained, exhausted, worn-out, dreary, humdrum, tiresome

  • Antonyms -activated, energetic, lively


Weird  पुरानी चाल का

Synonyms – uncanny, cranky, outlandish, quaint, singular

  • Antonyms -conventional, standard, habitual


Wholesome  पौष्टिक

Synonyms – healthy, hygienic, salubrious, decent, modest, hale

  • Antonyms -impure, indecent, unhealthy


Wither  मुरझाना

Synonyms – sear, shrivel, wizen, languish; pine, petrify

  • Antonyms -.bloom, grow, germinate


Withstand  प्रतिरोध करना

Synonyms – resist, abide, bear, endure, sustain, tolerate

  • Antonyms -surrender, yield, give up


Woe  उदासी

Synonyms – affliction, agony, anguish, distress, torment, torture

  • Antonyms -happiness, joy, pleasure


Woo  समर्थन माँगना

Synonyms – court, pursue, spark, caress, chase, beg

  • Antonyms -ignore, disregard


Wrath  नाराज़गी

Synonyms – furor, fury, ire, rage, acrimony, asperity

  • Antonyms -happiness, glee; cheer


Wretched  अत्यंत दुखी

Synonyms – abominable, contemptible, despicable, nefarious, obnoxious,  repugnant

  • Antonyms -comfortable, fortunate, happy


Wail  ऊँची आवाज़ में रोना

Synonyms – bawl, blubber, howl, weep, moan, sob

  • Antonyms -exalt, gloat, vaunt


Wakeful  चौकन्ना

Synonyms – awake, alert, observant, vigilant, wary, watchful

  • Antonyms -sleepy, unaware, careless


Warranted  अनुबद्ध

Synonyms – baseless, gratuitous, indefensible, undue, unfair, unjustified

  • Antonyms -reasonable, justifiable, called-for


Windy  तूफ़ानी

Synonyms – sway, teeter, falter, meander, stumble, entwine

  • Antonyms: divide, stay, unravel


Winsome  मनोहर

Synonyms – attractive, bewitching, enchanting, enticing, alluring

  • Antonyms -repulsive, repellent/ unattractive


Wisecrack  फ़ब्ती कसना

Synonyms – crack, dig, quip, farce, retort, laugh

  • Antonyms -question, request, praise


Wistful  इच्छुक

Synonyms – dejected, depressed, desolate, downcast, melancholic, sad

  • Antonyms -cheerful, joyous, happy

Important Synonyms Antonyms
Wobble  काँपना

Synonyms – sway, teeter, totter, falter, reel, stagger

  • Antonyms -endure, persist, stay.


Wrangle  वाद विवाद करना

Synonyms – altercation, bicker, contention, dispute, quarrel, bicker, squabble

  • Antonyms -agreement, consideration,


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