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BIOLOGY: Important Scientists and their discoveries

Important scientists and their discoveries

Important scientists and their discoveries

In the SSC CGL exam many questions are asked from Biology section. Many questions are related to discoveries/inventions and scientists. In this article all the important scientists and discoveries have been put in one place.Make the maximum use of it.


  1. Father of Biology, Zoology,Embryology :- Aristotle
  2. Father of medicine:- Hippocrates
  3. The Father of Genetics:- G. Mandel ( Did his research on pea plant)
  4. Name Genetics was coined by:- W. Wattson
  5. Discovery of Cell(Cytology is the study of cell):- Robert Hooke
  6. Nucleus was discovered by :- Robert Brown
  7. Cell theory was given by :- Schliden and Schwann
  8. Father of blood circulation :- Wiiliam Harvey (The current opinion in those days was that blood oscillates in the vessels of body. For his views, Harvey was ridiculed and was called “circulation”)
  9. Father of DNA fingerprinting :- Alec Jeffreys
  10. Thoery of Natural Selection :- Charles Darwin in his book ‘ Origin of Species’. He did his research on Galapagos Islansds in Pacific Ocean and studied Finches(birds). This theory is commonly known as‘Survival of the Fittest’. Although the term ‘Survival of Fittest’ was coined by Herbert Spencer.
  11. Discovery of Penicillian:- Alexander Fleming
  12. Small Pox Vaccine:- Edward Jenner (Small Pox vaccine was the first vaccine ever discovered. That is why this disease has now been eradicated)
  13. Mutation theory was given by :- Hugo de vries
  14. Theory of inheritance of acquired characters was given by:- Jean B Lamarck in his book ‘Philosophic Zoologic’
  15. Father of Taxonomy:- Linnaeus
  16. Discovery of Bacteria:- Antony Von Leeuwenhock
  17. The Discovery of DNA:- James Watson and Crick
  18. Discovery of RNA:- James Watson and Arther Arg
  19. Malaria parasite and treatment:- Ronald Ross
  20. Discovery of Antigens:- Karl Landsteiner
  21. Sex Hormones were discovered by:- Stenach
  22. Insulin (or Diabetes) was discovered by:- Banting
  23. Discovery of TB Bacteria:- Robert Koch

Important scientists and their discoveries


Ques 1:- Who discovered Cholera germs?   a) Robert Koch     b) Rene Laennec    c) Dreser    d) Hansen

Answer:- Robert Koch ( As we know Robert Koch discovered bacteria and Cholera is caused by vib

Ques 2:- Who discovered sex hormones? a) Dreser   b) Eugen Stenach   c) Edwrio bacterium, so a guess can be made.)ard Calvin   d) Samuel Cohen

Answer:- Eugen Stenach

Ques 3:- The concept of ‘survival of the fittest’ was first advocated by a) Oparian    b) Darwin   c) Spencer   d) Haeckel

Answer:- Darwin. As told earlier, this concept was given by Darwin but Spencer coined the term ‘Survival of the fittest’.

Ques4 :- Who discovered that Malaria was caused by female Anopheles? a) Edward Jenner  b) Louis Pasteur   c)Robert Koch   d) Ronald Ross

Answer: Ronald Ross( Discussed earlier). Louis Pasteur discovered Rabies vaccine and pasteurisation of milk.


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