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The most important 100 math tricks for SSC CGL : Part 8/20

The most important 100 math tricks for SSC CGL : Part 8/20

The most important 100 math tricks for SSC CGL  : Part 8/20

Math tricks series contains 100 the most important tricks which every SSC CGL aspirant must know. It can increase your score dramatically and change your mind how to think in a smart way. It is no loss if you use experience of experts.

Q1. 64329 is divided by a certain number, while dividing, the numbers 175 ,114 and 213 appear as three successive remainders. The divisor is:





Q2.  A cistern is provided with two pipes A and B. A can fill it in 20 min and B can empty it in 30 minutes. If A and B be kept open alternatively for one minute each. How soon (minutes) will the cistern be filled?

(a) 115

(b) 120

(c) 116

(d) 112

Q3. Find the greatest number of five digits which when divided by 3, 5, 8, 12 have 2 as remainder:

(a) 99999

(b) 99958

(c) 99960

(d) 99962

Q4. A does half as much work as B in one-third of the time taken by B. If together they take 10 days to complete a work, then the time taken by B alone to do it would have been:

(a) 30 days

(b) 25 days

(c) 6 days

(d) 12 days

important 100 math tricks
Q5. There are two temples, one on each bank of a river, just opposite to each other. One temple is 54 m high. From the top of this temple, the angle of depression of the top and the foot of the other temple are 30°  and 60°  respectively. Length of the temple is:

(a) 18 m

(b) 36 m

(c) 36√3 m

(d) 18√3  m


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