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Idioms-Phrases For SSC CGL CHSL Tier 1 Exams 2018 By Pinnacle

Idioms-Phrases For SSC CGL CHSL Tier 1 Exams 2018 By Pinnacle

Directions: four alternatives are given for the idiom/phrase underlined in the sentence. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase and mark it

Q1. He went on sowing wild oats; he reaped suffering in his later life.

(a) inviting troubles as a boy

(b) warning others as a young man

(c) irresponsible pleasure seeking in young age

(d) sowing grains called oats when young

Q2. I don’t know why she has become stand-offish recently.

(a) angry

(b) hilarious

(c) indifferent

(d) unmanageable

Q3. Reading between the lines I realised that my friend wanted to keep something from me.

(a) looking for meanings that are not actually expressed

(b) reading carelessly

(c) reading with anxiety

(d) glancing over the lines

Q4. I cannot put up with your misconduct any longer.

(a) excuse

(b) refuse

(c) accept

(d) tolerate

Q5. I did not mind what he was saying, he was only talking through his hat.

(a) talking nonsense

(b) talking ignorantly

(c) talking irresponsibly

(d) talking insultingly

Q6. They set off by car for Mumbai late in the evening.

(a) started

(b) travelled

(c) entered

(d) resonated

Q7.  To hit the nail right on the head

(a) To do the right thing

(b) To destroy one’s reputation

(c) To announce one’s fixed views

(d) To teach someone a lesson

Q8. To set one’s face against

(a) To oppose with determination

(b) To judge by appearance

(c) To get out of difficulty

(d) To look at one steadily

Q9. To play second fiddle

(a) To be happy, cheerful and healthy

(b) To reduce importance of one’s senior

(c) To support the role/view of another

(d) To take a subordinate position

Q10. To cry wolf

(a) To listen eagerly

(b) To give false alarm

(c) To turn pale

(d) To keep off starvation

Q11. To put one’s hand to plough

(a) To take up agricultural farming

(b) To take a difficult task

(c) To get entangled in unnecessary things

(d) None of these

Q12. She is a person who pulls no punches.

(a) speaks politely

(b) speaks frankly

(c) speaks rudely

(d) speaks sweetly

Q13. For any group work to be successful, It is important that everyone is on the same page.

(a) present for the meeting

(b) registered for the work

(c) willing to pay the same fees

(d) thinks in a similar way

Q14. Children complain about their parents’ gifts. They should learn not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

(a) not to find fault with the gifts received

(b) not to ask for more gifts

(c) not to find goodness in the gifts

(d) not to look at a horse’s mouth

Q15. Reduce to ashes

(a) redone

(b) revamp

(c) destroyed completely

(d) leading to no result

Q16. Spill the beans

(a) to expose the secret

(b) drop the vegetables

(c) to blackmail someone

(d) an unexpected occurrence.

Q17 .Stand in good stead

(a) To be on a good Rank

(b) Member of high society

(c) Honest

(d) To be helpful in need

Q18.Throw up the sponge

(a) to love

(b) to hate

(c) to surrender

(d) to attack

Q19. Spartan life

(a) Living life full

(b) Life of ascetic

(c) Live life under someone

(d) Very painful life

Q20. Wrangle over an ass shadow

(a) to quarrel over the trifles

(b) to be happy together

(c) to play

(d) to watch something together

Q21. Well disposed to

(a) useless

(b) helpful to somebody

(c) very much excited

(d) to be settle for less

Q22Throw a spanner

(a) to execute a plan

(b) to sabotage a plan

(c) to do something evil

(d) to make feel good

Q23. Take the floor

(a) to dismiss

(b) take land of someone

(c) make a speech

(d) pretense

Q24.  Set people by ears

(a) to incite people

(b) to listen carefully

(c) to give long speech

(d) to abuse

Q25. When the church comes

(a) moment of decision

(b) destination

(c) dotage

(d) win something

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