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Idioms and Phrases : Previous Year Questions of SSC CGL / CHSL

Idioms and Phrases : Previous Year Questions of SSC CGL / CHSL

Directions(1-10) In the following question, out of the four alternatives, choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/Phrase.

Q1. Throw in the towel

(a) fight with vigour

(b) acknowledge defeat

(c) get success

(d) concentrate more

Q2. Mare’s nest

(a) phenomenal discovery

(b) worthless thing

(c) joyful event

(d) huge mistake

Q3. A storm in a teacup

(a)steam while having tea

(b) something which encourages

(c) big fuss over a small matter

(d) special positions

Q4. Blue-blooded

(a) inferior

(b) of noble birth

(c) of unknown origin

(d) unhealthy

Q5. Do a roaring trade

(a) in the animal business

(b) highly successful

(c) in the habit of shouting at others

(d) extremely reluctant

Q6. With might and main

(a) with full risks

(b) with full force

(c) having full confidence

(d) with full blessings

Q7. Ruffle somebody’s feather

(a) gamble

(b) escape responsibility

(c) annoy somebody

(d) show contempt for

Q8. Cut short

(a) delete

(b) praise

(c) interrupt

(d) slice into small pieces

Q9. Bad blood

(a) war

(b) ill feeling

(c) threatening attitude

(d) in an infected state of being

Q10. A laughing stock

(a) an object of laughter

(b) a storehouse of jokes

(c) an object of desire

(d) a stock of high value

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