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Idioms and Phrases : Previous Year Questions of SSC CGL / CHSL

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Idioms and Phrases : Previous Year Questions of SSC CGL / CHSL

Idioms and Phrases : Previous Year Questions of SSC CGL / CHSL

Directions(1-10) In the following question, out of the four alternatives, choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/Phrase.

Q1. Throw in the towel

(a) fight with vigour

(b) acknowledge defeat

(c) get success

(d) concentrate more

Answer: (b)

acknowledge defeat

Q2. Mare's nest

(a) phenomenal discovery

(b) worthless thing

(c) joyful event

(d) huge mistake

Answer: (b)

worthless thing

Q3. A storm in a teacup

(a)steam while having tea

(b) something which encourages

(c) big fuss over a small matter

(d) special positions

Answer: (c)

big fuss over a small matter

Q4. Blue-blooded

(a) inferior

(b) of noble birth

(c) of unknown origin

(d) unhealthy

Answer: (b)

of noble birth

Q5. Do a roaring trade

(a) in the animal business

(b) highly successful

(c) in the habit of shouting at others

(d) extremely reluctant

Answer: (b)

highly successful

Q6. With might and main

(a) with full risks

(b) with full force

(c) having full confidence

(d) with full blessings

Answer: (b)

with full force

Q7. Ruffle somebody's feather

(a) gamble

(b) escape responsibility

(c) annoy somebody

(d) show contempt for

Answer: (c)

annoy somebody

Q8. Cut short

(a) delete

(b) praise

(c) interrupt

(d) slice into small pieces

Answer: (c)


Q9. Bad blood

(a) war

(b) ill feeling

(c) threatening attitude

(d) in an infected state of being

Answer: (b)

ill feeling

Q10. A laughing stock

(a) an object of laughter

(b) a storehouse of jokes

(c) an object of desire

(d) a stock of high value

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Answer: (a)

an object of laughter