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 Idioms beginning with R : Idioms and phrases A to Z

Idioms beginning with R : Idioms and phrases A to Z

  1. Rain cats and dogs -Rain very heavily.
  2. Rainy day- Future time of need, especially financial need.
  3. Reach out -To get in contact with someone
  4. Read between the lines -To understand the hidden meaning.
  5. Reaching for the skies- Having high hopes about one’s future or career.
  6. Read between the lines -To understand the hidden meaning

    Idioms beginning with R

    Idioms beginning with R

  7. Ready and waiting -All prepared and ready to start
  8. Ready to go-Prepared and ready to start
  9. Really something -Something really special, impressive, astonishing, amazing.
  10. Recant a remark -Take back what you said; go back on your word.
  11. Recon with- Prepared on advance to expect ……
  12. Reconcile yourself- to Accept the circumstances and get used to it.
  13. Recoup your losses -Make up for one’s losses
  14. Red carpet treatment -Very special treatment
  15. Red herring -Something that distracts
  16. Red tape -Official procedure.
  17. Red handed -While committing a crime or doing something wrong on the spot.
  18. Red letter day -A memorable important or happy occasion.
  19. Red tapism -Strict adherence to excessive paper work and official formalities.
  20. Rest on one’s laurels -Depending on the achievement made in the past.
  21. Reduced to rubble -Something that is demolished
  22. Reek of tobacco -Stink from smoking cigarettes
  23. Refresh my memory -An expression meaning remind me or tell me again
  24. Regrettable incident -something which is repented
  25. Regular guy -One who comes often
  26. Reign head and shoulders -Much superior ; above the rest.
  27. Relay a message- Pass on to; tell someone
  28. Rely on someone -Depend on someone
  29. Remain undaunted -To remain unfrightened
  30. Remedy the situation- Find a solution to the problem
  31. Reprimand for- Scold
  32. Reproach for -To scold for something
  33. Resigned to your fate -Accept something that cant be changed
  34. Resist arrest- To oppose being arrest
  35. Resolute action -Take firm action                                     Idioms beginning with R
  36. Responsible to -Answerable to
  37. Rest on your laurels -Be satisfied with your previous fame and accomplishments;
  38. Resting on my shoulders -Feeling the burden of the world or of responsibility resting on your shoulders as if you had to carry it all alone.
  39. Restore order Return to normal
  40. Return to your roots- Go back to visit and study where your cultural tradition came from.
  41. Rhetorical question- A question you ask without expecting any answer.
  42. Rhyme or reason -Pattern and logic
  43. Ride out the storm -survive the crisis
  44. Ride roughshod over- Go ahead with what you want without regard for other people’s feelings
  45. Right hand man -One’s most valuable assistant or supporter.
  46. Right of way- A common law or statutory right granted to a vehicle, as an airplane or boat, to proceed
  47. Right on target -Hit exactly on the target
  48. Right on the button -Exactly on the right spot
  49. Right the wrongs of the world -To rectify the wrongs of the world
  50. Right under your nose -It happens very close to you but you do not notice.
  51. Rigorous action -To put in a lot of effort
  52. Rigorous discipline -Very disciplined
  53. Riotous behavior- unruly uncontrolled behaviour
  54. Ripe for the picking -Time is right for something to happen
  55. Ripe old age -Advanced in years
  56. Rise and shine -Wake up and get ready.
  57. Rise like phoenix from its ashes -To make a miraculous comeback after an insurmountable setback.
  58. Rise to the challenge -To as the occasion demands
  59. Rise to the occasion -To meet the challenge of an occasion
  60. Risk life and limb -Put your life on the line for what you believe in or to do your duty.
  61. Rock bottom -at the lowest level.                                  Idioms beginning with R  by pinnacle coaching centre
  62. Rocks in your head -No brains.
  63. Rock the boat- To disturb a situation which was otherwise stable.
  64. Roll-out the red carpet -Make special preparations for the arrival of a person (Red carpets are rolled out for VIPs)
  65. Rolling stone -A restless person.
  66. Royal road -An easy or direct way of achieving a desired result.
  67. Roll-up your shirt sleeves -To get ready to work hard
  68. Romp and stomp about- Playing and frolicking about while stamping your feet.
  69. Rotten egg-A bad or despicable person
  70. Rough and ready -Bad and crude but good enough for the purpose
  71. Rough and tumble- disorderly
  72. Rough someone up- To hit and kick someone, usually to frighten or threaten them
  73. Round and round we go -Things happening in circles
  74. Round of applause -Everyone around the room should clap their hands to tank or congratulate someone
  75. Routine check -Normal check ups
  76. Rowdy bunch- Rough rustic people
  77. Rub elbows with/rub shoulders with -To spend time with
  78. Rub salt in your wounds- To intentionally make someone’s unhappiness, shame, or misfortune worsened
  79. Rub someone the wrong way -Say something to annoy someone
  80. Rubber check- A bad check.
  81. Rubber stamp -Accept and endorse without question at someone else’s
  82. Rub-it-in -Enjoy making another suffer by pointing out his mistakes
  83. Ruddy-cheeked -Red-faced around the cheeks
  84. Ruffle a few feathers -A remark or action made which may upset a few people.
  85. Rule of thumb- Follow the standard that is generally accepted.
  86. Rule the roost -To dominate.
  87. Run amuck -Mad with murderous frenzy.
  88. Run in the same groove -Maintaining a sweet relationship.
  89. Run-of-the mill- Average/ common
  90. Run the gauntlet- To go through an unpleasant experience.
  91. Run after someone -Chase
  92. Run away from things -To avoid
  93. Run for your life -Save yourself
  94. Run-in with the law- To get into a legal problem
  95. Run of the mill-Common; ordinary; like something that comes off the assembly line in a factory.
  96. Run of the place -In control of; in command
  97. Run off at the mouth -Keep on talking continually, until it becomes too much.
  98. Run off-topic -Lose the thread of thought and get off on another topic.
  99. Run out of steam -To become unenthusiastic
  100. Run rampant -Run around raging and out of control
  101. Run riot -To be a noisy, violent public disorder caused by a group or crowd of persons.
  102. Run roughshod over -to treat someone or something with disdain or scorn
  103. Run the gauntlet -Be exposed to danger, criticism, or other adversity
  104. Run the show -Be in charge of things.
  105. Run to seed -Deteriorate
  106. Run-in with the law -To find oneself in a legal problem.
  107. Running around on- enclosing someone or something
  108. Running battle between- cause of dispute between
  109. Running out of ideas -loss of creativity
  110. Running wild-Out of control
  111. Run-of-the-mill -Ordinary; mediocre average
  112. Run-ragged -Become tired, exhausted from too mush stressful work
  113. Runs in the family- A common characteristic that is passed on through generations
  114. Rush of excitement –fully charged and excited
  115. Rush off in a huff -Suddenly become angry and leave immediately


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