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Idioms beginning with P : List of A-Z Idioms and phrases

Idioms beginning with P : List of A-Z Idioms and phrases

        Pack up and go- leave

  1. Padding the accounts- Adding extra hidden-costs to accounts in order to pocket the difference; …
  2. Pain-in-the-neck -A nuisance.
  3. Painstaking effort -Paying careful, diligent and perseverant attention to reaching a goal.
  4. Paint the town red -Go out and spend a lot of money and have a good time in the city.
  5. Pales in comparison to -Seems like nothing when compared to…
  6. Palm-off-on- To hand over an unwanted job or responsibility or thing to someone else.
  7. Palmy days –Prosperous/ affluent days.

    Idioms beginning with P

    Idioms beginning with P

  8. Paltry sum -Insignificant amount to pay.
  9. Pandora’s box -A source of extensive but unforeseen troubles.
  10. Pang of conscience -Feeling of guilt.
  11. Paper tiger -Appears strong but is not
  12. Par for the course -Just about what can be expected.
  13. Parade-up-and-down- Show something or someone off pretentiously and ostentatiously.
  14. Parrot someone’s words -Repeat everything someone says word for word
  15. Part and parcel -Inseparable part.
  16. Past master- An expert.
  17. Pay through his nose -To pay dearly.
  18. Part and parcel- Important part
  19. Part company -Separate                                       Idioms beginning with P
  20. Partial to -Have a liking for someone
  21. Pass the buck -Place the blame on someone else.
  22. Pass up an opportunity- Lose an opportunity
  23. Passing fancy- Attraction just for some time
  24. Passing remark -A casual comment made without thinking.
  25. Passive resistance- To oppose non violently.
  26. Pass-the-hat- Collect money; accept donations
  27. Past the blossom of youth -Getting older.
  28. Past your peak-Not as good as you once were.
  29. Pat on the back -Gesture of congratulations.
  30. Patch-up -Settle differences.
  31. Patronizing attitude -Condescending way of viewing and addressing somebody;
  32. Patsy Someone -To take advantage of and lay the blame upon someone ; fall-guy.
  33. Pave the way for -make way for
  34. Pay dirt -Sudden wealth and success.
  35. Pay lip-service to- Say something without meaning anything.
  36. Pay one’s dues -Spend time in service before gaining higher rank and privilege.
  37. Pay peanuts -Pay little money; pay low salary/wages.
  38. Pay the piper- Pay for your bad behaviour.
  39. Pay through the nose -Pay up now in hard cash or else miss the opportunity.
  40. Pay your last respects- Visit a person upon his death.
  41. Paying-off-Finally beginning to show results or benefits or profits.
  42. Peace of mind- Scolding
  43. Peak of insolence -Heights of behaving badly.
  44. Peak of success -Very successful
  45. Pearls of wisdom -Words of wisdom; wise quotations
  46. Peck away at -Eat like a bird
  47. Peer pressure -Mental pressure created by your own friend circle
  48. Pelting down -Falling heavily.
  49. Pencil-pusher -Someone who works in an office checking things.
  50. Penny-pincher -Someone who is very stingy; frugal.
  51. Penny wise pound foolish -Careful about small expenditures but wasteful in large ventures
  52. Pensioned-off -Removed from job
  53. Pep talk -A speech intended to inspire enthusiasm and morale.
  54. Perish the thought -I tremble to think!
  55. Perjure yourself -Lie before a court of justice.
  56. Perk-up your ears -Raise attentively.
  57. Personal grudge -Personal hatred for someone/something
  58. Perverse individual -Someone whose intentions are directed away from the good.
  59. Petty-minded -One who thinks small and narrow minded.
  60. Pick a quarrel -Purposely start an argument or verbal fight.
  61. Pick and choose -Selective
  62. Pick holes in someone’s argument -Criticize and pick to pieces.
  63. Pick of the litter- Free to choose the best.
  64. Pick on someone -Choose
  65. Pick someone’s brains -Be similar to someone in thinking
  66. Pick up the hint -get the clue
  67. Pick up the gauntlet -To accept the challenge.
  68. Piece of cake -An easy task
  69. Piece of my mind -Scolding
  70. Piece things together -Put the facts together so you can figure out.
  71. Piece work -Work in which you are paid by the piece rather than by the hour or day.
  72. Pigeon hole -Categorize; file
  73. Pig-headed -Stubborn
  74. Pilfer the till -Steal from the cash register.
  75. Pick holes in- To find fault with
  76. Pin prick -Troubles that are for short time
  77. Pink of health -Best condition
  78. Pink slip- Dismissal notice from the company
  79. Pinpoint the problem … – put your finger on
  80. Pint-sized -Small
  81. Pipe down -Be quiet
  82. Pipsqueak -Small, insignificant person
  83. Pitch dark -Extremely dark
  84. Pitch-in for someone -defend someone,Speak in his favour.
  85. Pith of the matter -The central issue
  86. Pitter-patter of little feet -The sound of little children running around.
  87. Place in the sun To be successful
  88. Play along with -Cooperate to avoid conflict for your own benefit
  89. Play around on someone- Cheat in the game of love.
  90. Play hooky -Skip classes.
  91. Play ducks and drakes -To waste money.
  92. Play second fiddle -To be at a subordinate position.
  93. Play truant -To be absent from duty without permission.
  94. Play it by ear -Speak spontaneously; off-the-cuff.
  95. Play it cool -Not to be tensed
  96. Play it safe -Not to take risk
  97. Play it straight -Tell the truth and do what is correct.
  98. Play on words -Pun
  99. Play the field -Date different people until you find the right one.
  100. Play the fool -Not be serious about something
  101. Play the hand you’re dealt- Make the best with what you have.
  102. Play your cards right -Play your tricks well
  103. Play a double game- to act dubiously,
  104. Play fast and loose -be unreliable                             Idioms beginning with P
  105. Play one false – to deceive,
  106. Play one’s cards well -to do the correct things to achieve a desired result,
  107. Play the fool -to act foolishly
  108. Plenty of perks -Many benefits
  109. Pocket an insult -To bear insult
  110. Poison one’s ears against -To set a person against another
  111. Poignant moment -Emotional, touching, moving experience
  112. Point blank range -Direct and immediate.
  113. Point of contention -Matter of dispute
  114. Poison someone’s ears -To speak against someone to someone else.
  115. Poke one’s nose- To Interfere.
  116. Pour oil on troubled waters- To pacify the matters.
  117. Point the finger at- someone Blame someone
  118. Place blame -To accuse someone.
  119. Poke fun at -Tease or make fun of someone
  120. Poke your nose into someone’s business -Unnecessarily interfere.
  121. Poker-faced -Showing absolutely no expression in one’s face.
  122. Ponder the question -Think over the question.
  123. Pooh-pooh -Scorn;put down
  124. Pool resources -To pool in funds.
  125. Poor as a church mouse -Very poor
  126. Pop the bubble- Prick the balloon; shatter an illusion.
  127. Pop the question -Ask someone to marry you
  128. Pot calling the kettle black -One thing is as bad as another.
  129. Practice makes perfect -To improve keep practising
  130. Practice what you preach -To do yourself the same thing as one advises the others
  131. Preconceived-notion- An anticipation based on false expectation
  132. Prejudiced-opinion -Discriminatory.
  133. Presence of mind -Press on Continuing to struggle.
  134. Pressed- for-time -Short of time.
  135. Preventive action -Preventive measures
  136. Prime time – The best time to do something
  137. Pros and cons – For and against.
  138. Pull out all stops – Use every effort.
  139. Pull strings – take advantage of connections with people in high places to achieve your end.(Puppeteer)
  140. Pull the plug on – Just as you pull the plug to let out the bath water, so …
  141. Pull through -Survive
  142. Pull to pieces -To criticise sharply
  143. Pull with all your might -To apply full force
  144. Pull your punches -Soften the words or blows of your statements or criticisms
  145. Pull-up your socks -Improve your behavior
  146. Pull ones’ legs –To make fun of or to tease.
  147. Pull the wool oversomebody’s eye- To mislead.
  148. Put a spoke in one’s wheel -To obstruct.
  149. Put in cold storage –To keep a work pending.
  150. Put one’s foot down –To act firmly.
  151. Put one’s shoulders to the wheel – To work or exert oneself heavily.
  152. Put the cart before the horse – To do things wrongly.
  153. Put the cat among  the pigeons- To say or do something that causes trouble or makes people angry.
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