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SSC Idioms and phrases for SSC CGL, English Tier 1, Tier 2 exam

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SSC Idioms and Phrases for SSC English Tier 1, Tier 2

SSC Idioms and phrases for SSC English Tier 1, Tier 2

Idioms and phrases play a very important role in Tier 2 English language paper. From the past few years some rare and uncommon idioms and phrases are also asked by SSC unlike the earlier years. So you need to prepare extensively to score better.Earlier the students did the previous year papers and scored well as most of the questions were repeated .But the scenario has changed now. Pinnacle has covered some rare idioms and phrases along with their meanings below which would prove to be very beneficial.There will be 15 parts of this series and this is the first part of the series.

Idioms and phrases : Series 1

1) A brush with death

A near accidental encounter with death

2) A cipher

An insignificant person

3) A clean break

A clear and final breaking-off of relations

4) A clean slate

Starting off with a clean record.

5) A close call

A narrow escape

6) A crushing blow

A hurtful action

7) A cut above the average

Better than most

8) A free bit of advice

A suggestion given that is not needed

9) A gut feeling

A natural instinct or intuition that tells you when something is going to go wrong

10) A harrowing- experience

A frightening-occurrence

11) A hell of a time/going through hell

A difficult time/Going through a difficult time

12) A load off my mind

To feel mental relief

13) A piece of cake

Something easy to do

14) A subtle hint

An understated or intimated-suggestion

15) A sycophant

Someone who flatters and bows down to  another to win favour

16) A weight off my mind

Release or freedom from a mental burden

17) A world of difference

No comparison

18) Absent-minded


19) Absolutely amazing!

Totally unbelievable

20) Accident waiting to happen

A dangerous situation, that is a safety hazard, so that sooner or later, an accident is certain to happen.

21) Adamant opinion

Inflexible, obstinate attitude or view

22) Against the stream

Opposite to the natural flow

23) Aid-and-abet

Conspire with

24) All ears

Ready to listen

25) All by myself


26) Ambivalent attitude


27) Amounts to nothing

Not important

28) An abysmal failure

A terrible failure that could hardly be worse.

29) Ants in your pants


30) Any day now

Coming soon; expected to arrive or happen within the next few days

31) Anybody’s guess

Nobody knows; it is uncertain

32) Arbitrary decision

Random, illogical choice or ruling

33) As a last resort

A last attempt after everything else has failed

34) As if there were no tomorrow

Living-it-up and acting as though today were your last day or your last chance to enjoy your self

35) Ask around

Keep asking people

36) At an impasse

At a point where further progress or mutual understanding is impossible

37) At peace with the world

Calm and tranquil

38) Attend to business

Apply yourself to the work at hand

39) At the drop of a hat

Immediately if so requested

40) At odds with

Having a difference of opinion with.