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Idioms and phrases beginning with Q

Idioms and phrases beginning with Q

  1. Quack doctor – Someone who practices medicine without proper knowledge and uses non-standard, questionable medical techniques.
  2. Quaking in your boots – Full of fear
  3. Quality over quantity – Better to have high quality than just a large quantity.
  4. Qualms and reservations – Feeling doubts, fears, misgivings and uncertainties.
  5. Quarrel with one’s bread and butter – To fight with the employer.
  6. Quash a rebellion – Suppress and put down.

    Idioms and phrases beginning with Q

    Idioms and phrases beginning with Q

  7. Quaver with fear – Quiver from weakness
  8. Queasy stomach – Nauseous; unsettled in the stomach
  9. Queer the deal – Do something to make a deal or agreement go wrong.
  10. Quell an uprising – Control a riot
  11. Quench the flame/fire – Put off
  12. Quench your thirst -To quench enough of something.
  13. Querulous behaviour -Argumentative; difficult; irritable
  14. Querulous individual- An argumentative person.
  15. Quest for knowledge -To go in search of knowledge and wisdom.
  16. Quest for truth -Struggling and striving in the search for truth.
  17. Question your motives -Ask if your actions are based on good intentions.
  18. Queue up -To form a line and wait for one’s turn.
  19. Quick-tempered -Reactive
  20. Quiet as a mouse -Very quiet.
  21. Quiet down -Shut up and be quiet
  22. Quip Joke -wisecrack; clever remark
  23. Quirky behavior -Eccentric, odd, peculiar, strange.
  24. Quit kidding around -Be serious.
  25. Quit while you’re ahead– Stop, before you begin losing what you have gained.
  26. Quite nice- Not bad.
  27. Quitter -Someone who gives-up easily.

Idioms and phrases beginning with Q
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