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Biology for SSC CGL / SSC CHSL Exam Preparation

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Biology for SSC CGL / SSC CHSL Exam Preparation

Biology for SSC CGL / SSC CHSL Exam

Why biology is the most important part of GK section for SSC CGL?

Out of 50 questions 22-26 questions were asked from science in 2017 Tier 1 exams. Science includes topics like physics, chemistry, botany, zoology, health, biodiversity, environment, computer, technology, space, agriculture, invention etc.  Biology portion which may include botany, zoology, health, biotechnology etc. Through this section of biology we will try to address those questions which are asked in SSC exams . Handling GK potion for SSC CGL is not an easy task. But those are preparing sincerely they can make a difference. This will help your in general studies knowledge base. If you are good in this portion certainly you can make plan for UPSC IAS also.

For SSC CGL you can target 30+ through our study material. Those who are new and preparing for SSC CGL this website can be magical for success. Anyhow in such a tough competition you cannot  expect to score less than 20 marks in GK section. Not affordable to neglect GK section.

Shall I study from Lucent? 

I can not recommend such books  Lucent (although it is  a good GK book but not CGL GK book) until or unless I am a shopkeeper selling Lucent or no knowledge about CGL GK or promoting Lucent / Arihant. These books are not relevant if you see 2017 questions paper. In fact there is no special book for SSC CGL in the market. You can assemble contents from different places. Surely Internet can be the best option. Keep in mind you have to prepare for higher level atleast 10+2 level. So selective NCERT upto 10+2 will help a lot. You can read these books free of cost on internet. In our coaching classes we also follow selective portion of NCERT. However we will try through this website to cover all GK portion in details. You can trust us and prepare through this time. I am sure it will help a lot.


Biology Notes  ( NCERT Notes ) Useful developed by Pinnacle UPSC unit frontier IAS for make you understand basic biology from NCERT. Go though these notes. These are must. Other topics we will try to cover in different

We will upload below topics very soon.

Topic 1                     Cellular Organisation

Topic 2                    Cellular Transportation

Topic 3                     Cell Division

Topic 4                    Cellular Metabolism and fermentation

Topic 5                     Photosynthesis

Topic 6                     DNA and Molecular Genetics

Topic 7                    Plants and their structures

Topic 8                   Plants hormones, nutrition and transportation

Topic 9                   Animal Cells and Tissues

Topic 10               Integument System

Topic 11               Circulatory System

Topic 12               Lymphatic System and Immunity

Topic 13               Digestive System

Topic 14                Nervous System

Topic 15               Endocrine System

Topic 16              Reproductive System

Topic 17              Muscular and Skeleton System

Topic 18               Respiratory System

Topic 19              Excretory System

Topic 20              Classification / Taxonomy / Branches

Topic 21             Viruses

Topic 22             Bacterial disease of Humans

Topic 23            Fungal Diseases

Topic 24            Protozoan Diseases

Topic 25            Food resources / chains

Topic 26            Crop Protection/ agriculture

Topic 27            Plant breeding

Topic 28            Biotechnology

Topic 29             Miscellaneous

I believe above topics are essential ingredient of biology and therefore science and therefore GK for SSC.