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How to prepare Trigonometry for SSC CGL exam Tier 1, Tier 2

How to prepare Trigonometry for SSC CGL exam Tier 1, Tier 2

Importance of trigonometry

There are 4 chapters which are really crucial for SSC CGL exam. If you see latest trend of SSC CGL pattern, we can predict that 6-7 questions are asked on trigonometry in tier 1 and 8-12 in tier 2.

So ignoring or less command on trigonometry will certainly spoil your chances. Now a days competition is really tough so to score 45+ in tier 1 and 180+ in tier 2 trigonometry has to be very strong as your key math strategy.

How to prepare Trigonometry for SSC CGL exam

How to prepare Trigonometry for SSC CGL exam

Level of questions asked about trigonometry

Generally easy questions are asked on trigonometry. So you need to prepare basic only. But remember the pattern of questions should be SSC CGL. No other exam like NDA, CDA type.

What should you do? Do you need to learn so many formula? 

My answer would be “NO”. You need not to remember so many formula. only 3-4 enough. You need to remember basics about sin θ , cos θ, tan θ, cot θ, Sec θ, cosec θ and their relationship. Then 3 basic formula and table for θ value of angle. The most important thing is you must fluent in table as the most of the questions can be solved by putting value. You need not to solve entire question, just put value of θ and will get the answer. Find my separate article on Trigonometry formula, tables, properties and how to solve questions. 

How much questions I can solve without formula or limited formula?

All questions. You need to practice hard to learn application of how to put value. You can follow my articles in coming days on SSC CGL trigonometry and how to solve approach. Also we will publish varieties questions on trigonometry based on experience of SSC CGL.

How to prepare Trigonometry for SSC CGL exam

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