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How to prepare for SSC CGL in 100 days

How to prepare for SSC CGL in 100 days

How to prepare for SSC CGL in 100 days?

In India more than 20 lac applicant will take SSC CGL exam 2016. Out of 20+ lac students 2 lac are serious players. Rest are not in line for SSC CGL jobs. In 2016 we can expect 15000 vacancies which are reasonably on an average of last 3-4 years. Job scenario is quite tough.

Tier 1 exam will be on 8th May: 

If every thing goes according to calendar then SSC CGL Tier 1 exam is going to be in next 100 days ( approximately). Now question arises if a new player starts preparation , will this time be sufficient to prepare? Or she/he prepare for next year? There are various questions which come in mind for new aspirants.

Current scenario is that SSC CGL 2015 result has come. Those who appeared in 2015 will also appear in 2016. Also many aspirants of 2014 will also take 2016 tests. So if a new player enters in this competition he/she will have to work hard and precise strategy.

6 Points strategy for next 100 days:

 Point 1: 60% time on Maths: Which portion is weak and which portion is strong plays important role time allocation. But Maths and English contribute 83.33% (500/600) in tier 1 and tier2. If score less than 40 marks in tier 1, then you will in difficult position. To make this happen you need to allocate 50-70% on maths.

Point 2: Videos or online coaching can be more useful than classroom coaching. If you can make routine over computer then nothing is better than online coaching. Video lectures can save your a lot. Pinnacle Coaching centre based on research has developed “Online coaching Program” which can do mirracle in 100 days. You can watch videos and solve questions in 1 month whatever classroom coaching students do in 4- 5 months.

Point 3: One test daily: Till exam student must attempt 1 full length test within stipulated time. More questions you will cover more comfortable you will feel.

Point 4 : plan 6-8 hours study daily:  Daily routine is must. It will not make any sense you will not study daily. Do time and motion study of your daily activities and plan how can you manage 6-8 hours daily. 

Point 5: High weight-age topics high priority: Topics like advance maths ( Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry and mensuration) contribute around 28-30 marks in tier 1. Science can be priority areas. Analyse previous years trend.

Point 6: Don’t waste your time on facebook or rumour spreading sites. There are facebook pages or websites and they use every possible means for publicity even thier personal life or ssc internal matter. Rumour like date change, syllabus change, paper cancel etc.



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