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How to avoid mistakes in SSC CGL Tier 3?

How to avoid mistakes in SSC CGL Tier 3?

How to avoid mistakes in SSC CGL Tier 3?

SSC CGL Tier 3

Staff Selection Commission conducts Combined Graduate Level examination in four stages to recruit candidates for Group B Non-Gazetted Posts and Group C Posts in various departments of different Ministries.

In this competitive exam where lakhs of candidates apply, only thousands of them manage to see their names in the final list. Out of selected ones, only a few get selected for their dream posts. When you have been slogging day in and day out to crack this examination, have you ever given a thought about the reasons for your failure?

Hopefully, this article will cater to your demands and increase your chances of selection in SSC CGL by giving you some insights into the nitty-gritty of SSC CGL Tier 3 and how to avoid mistakes in the examination.

SSC CGL Tier 3 is a descriptive exam testing the writing skills of a candidate. It is not a mere test of knowledge but encompasses a lot of parameters testing basic knowledge, creativity, ability to present ideas in a coherent manner and to convince the reader with your thoughts.

The biggest mistake a candidate can do is to be overconfident about his writing skills and entering the examination hall without any preparation or without attempting any Tier 3 mock tests. You may be a virtuoso but it is the environment of the exam that plays a villain by increasing your anxiety levels.

The environment of the examination is conditioned to stress you where you have to attempt both essay and letter within the stipulated words and prescribed time limit. You don’t have all the time in the world at your disposal but only 60 minutes to decide whether you are going to be selected or have to start afresh from the square one. Therefore, don’t play with your future and remember to PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE.

In the examination hall, when you are handed over the question paper, don’t jump directly to attempting the paper but spend your precious first five minutes reading the instructions given on the first page which have the potential to make or break your future. (Hope you remember UFM.) You may find some relevant instructions which SSC may want to implement strictly.

Before attempting the essay, make a rough sketch or broad outline of the points you are going to build your essay upon. Be very sure not to deviate from the topic and try to express your views within 250 words (the prescribed wordlimit).

Do note whether the examiner has asked you to write a Formal letter or an Informal letter. Then write the letter accordingly within the prescribed wordlimit (150 words) following the proper format.

Most importantly, strictly keep in mind the ‘UNFAIR MEANS’ while attempting the paper and don’t write any name and address whether yours or anonymous anywhere in the paper. Strictly adhere to the name and address mentioned in the question and don’t show any creativity in these fields. Save some for the body of the letter.

Even if you have excelled in Tier 1 and Tier 2 and have done fairly well, don’t dare to take Tier 3 lightly. This paper has wreaked havoc on the dreams of the aspirants where the difference between marks is not of one or two marks as happens in Tier 1 and Tier 2 but of 10-15 marks. Candidates increase their probability of selection by performing exceptionally well in Tier 3 and mar their chances of selection by not giving enough attention to the paper.

Don’t just limit yourself to securing a post in SSC CGL but give your sweat and blood to grab your dream post in your dream state. To achieve that, follow a dual approach of avoiding or mitigating risk and then working hard to be a top scorer.

How to avoid mistakes in SSC CGL Tier 3?

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