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How to attempt SSC CHSL paper 16th Nov ?

How to attempt SSC CHSL paper 16th Nov ?

How to attempt SSC CHSL paper 16th Nov ?


16th Nov is going to be a D- day for around 5 lakh candidates. Across India 10+2, BSc, B.Com, under Graduate, B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA, MCM, Banking employees will give this exam. However this is just a clerical post but govt. job candidates are in huge demand in marriage market and other social strata.

No need to explain why now a days young people have so much courage for govt. job. Let us come to the point how to  attempt 16th Nov exam.//pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js //

2nd Nov and 9th Nov questions papers if you go through quickly, you will know the exact pattern. 1st do this immediately. See our analysis. You will come to know how many questions are coming from which section. What is your difficult area and where you can score maximum. Keep this thing in your mind.

Now you will have 200 questions and 120 minutes ( deduct 10 minutes for signature and non sense activities in the exam center). How can you use these 110 minutes effectively?

Which section to be attempted 1st?

It is not fixed that you should attempt reasoning first or math first. But one thing you must keep in mind cut off is going to be all time high in the SSC history. Why? There are many reasons. Competition is all time high. Recently concluded exam , students are well prepared and almost all CGL candidates are also giving LDC exam. For them it can be hit and trial approach. But certainly cut off will shoot up. Disturbing gossip/news of paper leakage can eat some share. If it is true then for 1500+ posts these elements can disturb equations for genuine candidates. So keeping in mind target 160 out of 200.


In our coaching center there are many candidates who have already score 150+ in 2nd Nov and 9th Nov exam. Obviously paper was easy and preparation was good. Same thing is expected on 16th Nov. So to score 160+ you need to attempt at-least 180+ questions. For that you need to become Hussain Bolt of SSC exam. If you attempt 140 odds , you will never cross cutoff that is sure. Only solution is attempt maximum. Instead of blind guess, intelligence guess can be advised but your speed should be Hussain Bolt. Otherwise no chance of survival. Either perform or preish in these 110 minutes.

Perform or Perish

Now come to which section should be attempted first. Those who spent 1st 40 minutes in math and then reasoning, English, GK and again remaining time for math are scoring very high. Those attempted reasoning, GK, English then maths are complaining that they could not attempt maths properly because of shortage of time. But be sure without crossing 40+ score in math no chance of survival in the contest. So your excuse of shortage is not valid in tough competition. Either perform or perish. So speed should be the real story.


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160+ score, speed is the key, attempt 180+ last minute revision of your notes.

Answer key for 16th Nov SSC CHSL Exam

After the exam have a rest. Then open www.ssccglpinnacle.com for answer keys. And be part of gossip ” Cut off kitni Jayegi”. Few websites will even try to give logic of last year cut off. You can become happy for such analysis for few days but truth is different. Few websites will confuse you by publishing wrong keys. These are sites which actually don’t have SSC background and just for the sake of fun exploiting feeling of unemployed youth. Be aware. The real key will be the SSC official key.  www.ssccglpinnacle.com  keys are always very close to the official keys. We are a coaching center and take precautions while publishing keys.


All the best!!

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