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How to attempt comprehension for SSC CGL

How to attempt comprehension for SSC CGL

What is a comprehension?

The word comprehension’ actually’ means ‘grasping with intellect’ and ‘understanding.’

A passage is given and then there are some questions that follow the passage. The questions that follow are varying in quality and range. The questions test the ability to read a passage comprehend its meaning, criticize its strength and weaknesses. Students have to show that ability by selecting the correct answer from among the choices supplied.

A comprehension passage contains a number of paragraphs. Every paragraph has a central idea. It is expounded with ideas and illustrations and other references. The key sentence that gives the central idea of the paragraph may be at the beginning, middle or end of paragraph.

The student should approach the passage with an ‘open mind’ There is no place for the reader’s own opinions, assumptions and prejudices. The crux of the problem is just to understand the writer’s point of view. According to the’ difficulty of the passage reading speed should also be fast.’

Tricks to attempt the questions 

Step by step method is useful in solving the questions.

Step 1: The very first step is to read the questions quickly. This gives some idea of what you should be looking for as you read the passage.

Step 2: The second step is to read the passage.The questions that have got located in your subconscious after reading the questions earlier will help you come to pick up anything that is relevant or important .

Step 3 : Once you have read the questions and have started reading the passage, make sure you highlight any headings, phrases, keywords etc that can help in answering the questions. This method will help you save a lot of time, searching through the passage again.

Step 4 : Again reread the questions one at a time. You will get some idea of the location in the passage of material that Answers the questions. If you have no idea as to the location of material that answers the questions, go on the next question.Come back to it after you have answered the other questions.

Step 5: Reread the question carefully that is still unanswered and try to find the reason. They may be analytical in nature which requires the analysis of a certain part of the passage.

Step 6: A good knowledge of vocabulary is always helpful in attempting a comprehension.

How to attempt comprehension
How to attempt comprehension for SSC CGL: Useful recommendation regarding comprehensions.

I recommend you to attempt the comprehensions at the end.I am saying this because if you are not able to understand in the middle of the passage, your time will be wasted.
Many candidates spend too much time to read passages. If you are also one of them, it is better to skip comprehensions in the beginning and keep it for the end.
Answer the idioms,synonyms,antonyms,direct/indirect speech etc which are not time consuming at all.Close test and comprehension are the most time consuming and should be attempted last.

I strongly recommend you to study the grammar part as much you can.
If you are good at grammar, you will be able to complete the paper within the stipulated time.
You cant solve all the questions in 2 hours if you dont plan. So, plan it before the exam.

If you are taking too much time while practising to solve some type of questions, try to find ways to solve in less time.(For an example in sentences containing relative pronouns there are generally two kinds of errors.Firstly the relative pronoun used could be incorrect-eg who/whom is used with humans and that is used with animals and things.

eg The boy that stood(A)/ first in the engineering exam(B) is my cousin.(C)/No error(D)

Error is in part A.Who will be used instead of that.

Secondly the verb used after the relative pronoun will be according to the noun or pronoun used immediately before the relative pronoun and not according to the subject of the sentence.

eg Nehru ji was(A)/ one of those leaders(B)/ who was way ahead of his times.(C)/No error(D)

In this sentence Nehruji is the subject and the subject is singular.Who is the relative pronoun and the word used before who is leaders which is plural.So the verb used after who will also be plural.In the given sentence was will be replaced by were) So if you know much tricks and tips it could be very beneficial)

I recommend all of you to make notes.  Collect previous exam papers and solve them, buy a note book and note down.Note the  kinds of errors we find in spot the error sentences.Noting down helps you to remember better.

Read all the things that you have written before the exam day.

Revision is very important for English.

Now attempt the following comprehensions which have been picked up from previous years papers.To attempt click on the link below.

How to attempt comprehension
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