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Heat-mcqs Physics-day-1 Target ssc cgl 2018 Tier 1

Heat-mcqs Physics-day-1 Target ssc cgl 2018 Tier 1

Q1. Heat stored in water vapour is

  1. specific heat
  2. latent heat
  3. absolute heat
  4. relative heat

Q2. A body absorbs heat most if it is

  1. black and rough
  2. black and smooth
  3. white and rough
  4. white and smooth

Q3. Water is used in hot water bags because

  1. It is easily obtained
  2. It is cheaper and is not harmful
  3. It has high specific heat
  4. It is easy to heat water

Q4. Which of the following criterion is used for any metal to be used as a cooking material?

  1. More specific heat
  2. More thermal conductivity
  3. Less thermal conductivity
  4. Less electrical conductivity

Q5. When hot liquid is poured in to a thick glass tumbler, it cracks because glass :

  1. is a bad conductor of heat so only inner surface expands
  2. has high temperature coefficient of expansion
  3. has a very low specific heat
  4. has low temperature coefficient of expansion

Q6. When a ring of metal is heated what happens to its hole?

  1. expands
  2. contracts
  3. it expands or contracts according to its diameter
  4. it expands or contracts according to its coefficient of expansion

Q7. A gas thermometer is more sensitive than a liquid thermometer because a gas:

  1. is lighter than liquid
  2. expands more than a liquid
  3. is easy to obtain
  4. does not change state easily

Q8. Ocean currents are an example of

  1. convection
  2. conduction
  3. insulation
  4. radiation

Q9. White clothes are cooler than black ones because they

  1. absorb all the light that reaches them
  2. reflect all the light that reaches them
  3. will not allow the light to penetrate
  4. cool the sunlight completely

Q10. The speed of light with the rise in the temperature of the medium:

  1. Increases
  2. Decreases
  3. Remains unaltered
  4. Drops suddenly


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