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Special Complete GK Course starting from 20th June : Day wise schedule

Special Complete GK Course starting from 12th April: Day wise schedule

GK is a challenge for students. Syllabus of GK is vast and it becomes very difficult to get complete contents at one place. Pinnacle has worked very hard since last 2 years to develop a special course keeping in mind SSC and other competitive exams. Pinnacle is launching a special course – Day wise schedule for GK which will cover each subject /topic.

GK Course


GK schedule.docx

You will get PDFs , Videos ( English medium , Hindi /bilingual). You can download PDFs and videos. Videos + PDFs links card will look like as below given images. It is very easy to manage and learn. 500 +  Videos you will get in this GK course.



This is a comprehensive course and will cover every thing. You need not purchase any other book or join any other coaching.

What is Agni 40+ ?

Agni 40 + is the name of this GK course which is a scientifically designed day wise program. This course is available in two ways. GS Online Coaching Course and GS Hard Drive Course.

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SN GS Online Coaching Course GS Hard Drive Course 
1 Videos + PDFs are provided through Videos + PDFs link card in your email. Once you click on card link you will have access to pre-recorded videos + PDFs and day wise schedule Videos + PDFs are provided in an External Hard Drive through courier.
2 Internet connection is required No internet connection is required
3 You can download from the given links from the card on your desktop /mobile These are already downloaded videos and you can store in your desktop.
4 Contents are in both Hindi and English medium . It is up to the student which language he wants to use Contents are in both Hindi and English medium . It is up to the student which language he wants to use.
5 Within 2 working hours you will get contents link card in your email. ( working hours 9am-5pm : Mon-Sat) You will get your hard drive within 7 days at your given address. Courier / Speed post receipt is sent through email once courier is dispatched for your tracking.
6 All GS Hard Drive students are also part of GS online coaching course , so you will also get contents access through videos + PDFs card in email within 2 working hours.
7 Validity : 2 years Validity : 2 years. Although you can keep videos + PDFs forever. 2 years here means support services i.e. if any new video /updates are there.


Terms and Condition

  • All contents have copy rights. So misusing / piracy may invite legal action which include financial compensation upto 10 Lakh and punishment as per law.
  • Fees once paid is non- refundable. So before purchasing ensure your requirement.
  • Course can not be upgraded to full course or adjustment with any course.
  • Students are supposed to follow guidelines /instructions which may be given from time to time.

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